It was revealed that Joel McIver’s twelfth book, ‘The Greatest Metal Guitarists’, would be published globally during January via. Right off the bat, let me state that I did enjoy Joel McIver’s new book The Greatest Metal Guitarists. It’s a fast read, filled with insight. it’s from a book called greatest metal guitarists by joel mciver, not the or guitar world’s metal guitarists version.

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100 Greatest Metal Guitarists

Perhaps he should have at least offered up a sentence or two about each of these fine musicians because only naming them came off to me as unacceptable. Seen this one before. I strongly disagree with this list.

It’s opinion and it’s subjective, and it was surely something that I wanted to point out to guitar players I knew over a couple of beers to find out just how much they agreed or disagreed. He then went on to add me as a friend. They definitely cannot even be on this list and here they occupy 11 and 30 respectively.

Of course he is.

John from Joep Theatre 3. Just look at greatezt top list on the major news feeds to see how much they get taken apart by the fans. Some long due honour is bestowed on one or two guitarists here. I’ve even put up a review of that book on this blog so check it out if you’d like to! Dimebag should be very close to 1 in not 1. Steve Vai is not mmetal on the list. As a book of this type, it jjoel nicely laid out for the reader and makes sure to feature a number of quality photographs of the guitarists in action along with offering up some commentary and anecdotes about each and every one of them.


Nov 18, Messages: Why is the Maiden trio so low? Yes, my password is: Yngwie got shafted by not making the list either. Feb 8, Messages: Lists with This Book. I have so many problems with this list like James Hetfield being 8but my doctor told me to avoid stress to keep my blood mviver down. Jelchy Kopricanec rated it it was amazing Oct 11, Besides, what’s the criteria for rank?

I don’t recognize about guitaeists third of the names on the list but to exclude someone like Rhodes, who probably influenced every single guitarist on the list in some way is such a major omission that the list should be considered invalid as anything other than one person’s uneducated personal point of view.

This has as much validity as arguing that a ribeye steak is not, in fact, meat and completely discredits the author of jole book. Thanks for telling us about the problem. Fathy Mustapa rated it it was amazing Jul 23, Over the course of Metal music history Rhoads and Yngwie’s early guitar influences are considered seminal pieces for the genre and they build the framework that hundreds, no, thousands of guitarists honed their own craft and aspired to greatness because of.

Mustaine deserved the no 1 spot. Sep 13, Messages: Your name or email address: Long story short, I agree with some on the list, but disagree as well, like most of the people here.

I mean, lets face it – music is subjective. greatesf

Anyway, Here is the list. Andrew Hoge rated it really liked it Dec 04, One of the many islands of Maine. I’m not sure what criteria McIver used to decide who the “shredders” are, but they are all mentioned in another category called “shredders,” because they belong in a category all their own.

I couldn’t disagree more with over half his choices and where they are positioned, but I admire the thoroughness of his logic and thought behind the picks. Matt Heafy above Michael Romeo? That guy has to be the worst ‘shredder’ in the history of the electric guitar. Looking for beautiful books?

  JBL 4725 PDF

Kamil86 rated it really liked it Mar 07, All “Top X Whatever” lists are subject to taste, preference, and opinion but the author s of such lists must have a baseline in general consensus to expect to be taken seriously. If you’ve ever wielded a tennis rack in anger in front of a bedroom mirror, or even if you’re a metal musician yourself, you need this book – the world of the overdriven guitar will never look the same again.

No, create an account now.

Not a terrible list, but at least this guy had the sack to put it out there, knowing that other players would likely mstal on it. I do agree, however, the fact that the iron maiden trio isn’t really near the top of the list.

Joel McIver – greatest guitarists in metal | Ultimate Metal – Heavy Metal Forum and Community

Yeah this list has some good players, but so many missing and the order just plain sucks To play those riffs and sing at the same time takes great talent. They are the inspirations of bands like avenged sevenfold, or Papa roach.

Agreed about the blatant dismissal of his list. Anyway, since I dabble in guitar playing a bit myself it was only a matter of time before I was going to read this. Greztest you ever see his playing? Why is Bjorn Gelotte ranked 34th and Jesper Stromblad not even on the list?

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