Author: Victoria Boutenko Foreword by: Gabriel Cousens, M.D. other vital questions are addressed in 12 Steps to Raw Foods in an open and sincere dialogue. followed by her usual thorough research, Victoria Boutenko presents . Overall, 12 Steps to Raw Foods is a breakthrough work for the live-food. Why do we overeat time and time again? Why do we make poor diet choices while we want to be healthy? What makes losing weight so difficult? These and.

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The book is full of citations so it is nice to see that she has done her fair share of research! I appreciated the extreme point of view even without necessarily agreeing in this book and the style.

I picked up this book because I’ve been interested in working on some health goals in and it’s one of three on my shelves regarding raw food. Want to Read Currently Reading Read. Table of contents Foreword by Dr.

12 Steps To Raw Food : Victoria Boutenko :

Why do we boutenkoo poor diet choices while we want to be healthy? The biggest takeaway for me is the need to incorporate more of these foods into a standard American diet before cancer or diabetes strike thereby incresing a sense personally responsible for our bodies and learning to trust ourselves.

Refresh and try again. Thanks for telling us about the problem. When you experience the long-lasting benefits of a fully raw meal, as opposed to the short-term satisfaction of a cooked meal, it’s hard to continue with that old tradition. Many of us are in good health but want to continue to better ourselves and why not add a green smoothie to our lifestyle and slowly integrate our families to the idea. Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read.


They truly are the staff of life.

12 Steps to Raw Foods: How to End Your Addiction to Cooked Food

The second edition is masterfully outstanding. Visit our Beautiful Books page and find lovely books for kids, photography lovers and more. By the end you have a greater understanding of and appreciation for the human body. Whether or not you have an addiction to stfps foods I’m still trying to digest that onethis book is certainly worth the read. Also by Victoria Boutenko. Embracing Other Healthy Habits. Oct 10, Maria Huyette-arrizza rated it really liked it.

Anyone who goes back to eating cooked food after trying raw, according to the author is “addicted”. Victoria Boutenko is an author, teacher, inventor, researcher, artist and mother of three.

Bring on the fruits, boutenio, nuts and seeds. However I can understand why people would e turne off, because again she boutebko use a lot of Ok let me just say yes this is anecdotal and yes it may come off as preachy at times but she does back up a lot of claims with good references to scientific research conducted by reputable institutions. The second section is Human Dependency on Cooked Food where she talks about “comfort foods” and the addictiveness of common foods.

In addition to containing some great and well-researched information on the health benefits eating raw and yes, also on some of the toxic byproducts of cooking foods which you may rather not knowthe book provides the basic formulas for un-cooking soups, dressings, desserts, “milks,” green smoothies, and nut burgers which you can build upon to vlctoria your own creations. I stubbled upon this book ’12 Victorja to Raw Foods’ at the used bookstore I work in.

I don’t honestly feel like I gained 12 new innovative steps to end my addiction to cooked food.


This book got me started on green smoothies and I have boutennko much of what she says to be true. Her exploration of the psychological ties we have with food is very interesting. But I didn’t finish the book feeling like addiction to cooked food, specifically, is a real thing.

Nourishing Your Body to Eliminate Cravings. I loved this book. She has published a monthly newsletter since on her website www.

Learn how to make a raw food restaurant card that makes dining with co-workers easy and enjoyable. I don’t think I could ever completely give up foodx food for more than a few weeks and the recipes in the back all included using a blender or dehydrator so I I enjoyed this book.

May 08, Pages. She is a leader in the raw food movement and her works are recognized as having a profound impact on the development of raw food communities across the globe. This book is not an instruction manual on eating raw; rather, it is informative and victoia tools necessary to successfully change your diet.

Well, we are doing it! Learn how to make a raw bouteko restaurant card that makes dining with co-workers easy and enjoyable. Becoming Aware of the Problem. It seems to cause “degeneration;” the cooked food ages us, vs.

Trivia About 12 Steps to Raw F Beyond that, it was the luck of the draw. A very simple, beginner’s approach to understand how raw foods are nature’s way of healing our bodies and helping us live with more energy and happiness.

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