I see TechLink will no longer be accessed by the public ending with the Oct 05 issue. Quote Originally Posted by White C5 Coupe. slls. Click to Download TechLink PDF · PDF Archives Hunter RFB. Copyright© General Motors All rights reserved. TechLink · Proudly powered by WordPress. Source: GM Techlink Date: January Subject: Head-Up Display Conditions Models: РChevrolet Corvette A Head-Up Display (HUD) (Fig.

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For years the GM vehicles always started on CNG unless the outside air tecylink was very low and then it would start on gasoline and go to CNG automatically when conditons allowed it. There are no comments for this article. There are no comments for this article.

GM Techlink – Silverado & Sierra –

We had similar issues with the impco system. And when that information is not presented correctly, it’s probably tempting to suggest replacing the IPC.

The same information that they’re supposed to make “public” by law? Sometimes my Cavalier won’t texhlink on cng if big hurry to turn engine over. On a new vehicle, the HUD image may be poor or hazy.

GM Techlink — Bi-Fuel Truck – Natural Gas Vehicle Owner Community

All previous GM vehicles provided fairly accurate fuel levels that were displayed on the normal fuel gauge by blending tank pressure and tank temperature. When an IPC is replaced, it is sent to component analysis shows that replaced clusters teclhink had no trouble found in up to 50 percent of the cases.


Since the IPC receives information from other systems to execute some functions, it’s important to check those systems during diagnosis. See a Techlinkk Motors dealer servicing your brand of General Motors vehicle for information on whether your vehicle may benefit from the information.

Tires and Wheels Be the first to post a comment. Under certain ambient lighting conditions, it may appear that all of the various segments within the HUD are on.

The IPC can be removed by first removing the knee bolster, lowering the steering column, and removing the four fasteners two on top and two on bottom that secure the cluster to the steering column bracket. Originally Posted by White C5 Coupe.

Thu, Jul 3, at 8: DTCs that begin with a “U” indicate a Class 2 communication error resulting from some other control module not communicating with the IPC. Chassis, Frame and Suspension 9. GM’s Barra about to get dozens of heartfelt letters from kids If there is only one click instead of a series of clicksthe transistor internal to the RCDLR is not operating properly.

Only the voltage gauge on the IPC can be recalibrated.


Likely more pollution for petrol cold start, but eliminates the “cycle” time that would have been required if both ECM’s had to check if cng fuel was available ie Cavalier has several seconds wait time techlimk key is in on position. The system doesn’t appear to be as intergrated as the old system.


Interior Parts and Trim Corvette Action Center Knowledgebase. The input and data values from the PCM and other control modules that gj IPC communicates with can be reviewed using tevhlink scan tool as well. Scanning the Instrument Panel Cluster IPC while driving the Corvette will tell you the speed of the car, how much fuel is in the gas tank, the temperature of the engine coolant and other vehicle information.

Clutch and Transmission TechLink Any bets as to how long before GM will makes the customer “buy” information about their own cars? Mon, Jun 30, at 9: The indicator illumination and chime functions are either controlled directly by the IPC or by a dedicated circuit to the IPC. This article has been viewed times. AC, Heating and Ventilation 3. If this condition does not reoccur, the DTC will be cleared.

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