View and Download GMC Yukon XL owner’s manual online. Automatic Transmission Operation There are several different positions for your shift lever. Chevrolet Tahoe and GMC Yukon Owners Manuals. Below you will find free PDF Chevrolet Tahoe Owners Manuals ยท Chevrolet Tahoe Owners. Find owner’s manuals and service manuals for all GM models here. Buick Service Manuals. GMC Service Manuals. Cadillac Service Manuals.

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Off – Road Driving With Your If you do not have this system, or if the system is off, then an acceleration skid is also best handled by easing your foot off the accelerator pedal. Defensive Driving Defensive Driving The best advice anyone can give about driving is: If you need to replace any yhkon your wheels, wheel bolts or wheel nuts, replace them only with new GM original equipment parts.

Replace parts as needed.

GMC 2001 Yukon XL Owner’s Manual

Towing a trailer requires a certain amount of experience. Skip to main content. Use 4HI when you need extra traction, such as on snowy or icy roads or in most off road situations.

If possible, an older child should wear a If your vehicle has a power seat, you can adjust it with these controls located at the outboard edges of the seats. Holding your key in START for longer than 15 seconds at a time will cause your battery to be drained much sooner. Head Restraints Head Restraints Slide the head restraint up or down so that the top of the restraint is closest to the top of your ears.

To adjust the airflow speed, turn the fan control knob located on the left side of the control panel to the desired blower setting. Oil level check Cars burn, leak and otherwise dispense of their oil.


GMC Yukon Owners Manual | eBay

They can be dangerous because: In a crash, your body would move too far forward, which would increase the chance of head and neck injury. Page 87 Keyless Entry System If Equipped If your vehicle has this feature, you can lock and unlock your doors from about 3 feet 1 m up to feet 30 m away using the remote keyless entry transmitter supplied with your ownera.

Before you close the door, be sure the belt is out of the way. Remote Panic Alarm When the button with mxnual horn symbol on the keyless entry transmitter is pressed, the horn will sound and the This does not mean something is wrong with your brakes.

It can be dangerous to leave your vehicle with the engine running. You will get the most enjoyment out of it if you acquaint yourself with it first. Testing the Alarm The alarm can be tested by following these steps: Be aware that there are special things to know about safety belts and children.

This setting also engages your front axle to help drive your vehicle.

This is the best setting to use when plowing snow. Tapes longer than that are so thin they may not work well in this player.

GMC Owner Manuals – Factory Warranty, features and options, and maintenance explained

Ownees the book is included, no case. Page Electrochromic Inside Rearview Mirror with Compass and Temperature Display If Equipped When on, an electrochromic mirror automatically dims to the proper level to minimize glare from lights behind you after dark.

How to Check Use a good quality pocket type gage to check tire pressure. The label shows the size of your original tires and ownwrs inflation pressures needed to obtain the gross weight capacity of your vehicle.


GMC Owner Manuals

Page Scheduled Maintenance 7, Miles 12 km Drive axle service. Book is in New, never-opened condition. This position reduces the chance of a neck injury in a crash. Changing a Flat Tire If a tire goes flat, avoid further tire and wheel damage by driving slowly to a level place.

You can remove fuses with a fuse extractor which is mounted to the fuse block access door. Mahual the octane is less than 87, you may get a heavy knocking noise when you drive.

To stop the wipers, move the band to the OFF position. Turn the wheel wrench clockwise to raise the jack lift head to the lifting point.

Where To Put The Restraint When choosing a child restraint, be sure the child restraint is designed to be used in a vehicle. Maintenance Record After the scheduled services are performed, record the date, odometer reading mabual who performed the service in the boxes provided after the maintenance interval.

Once you are moving on the freeway, make certain you allow a reasonable following distance. This can really help on long trips.

How To Add Fluid 2. The services shown atmiles km should be performed at the same interval aftermiles km. Press MN and will appear on the display.

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