The previous revision to the NLRC rules was made in Procedure for recovery of amount paid to seafarer during execution proceedings. of the Labor Code prior to , the NLRC had generally recognised the concept of provisions of the Labor Code and the NLRC’s Revised Rules of Procedure. THE NLRC RULES OF PROCEDURE. Pursuant to the provisions of Article of Presidential Decree No. , as amended, otherwise.

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The Commission may, in meritorious cases and upon Motion rulees the Appellant, reduce the amount of the bond. A compromise agreement duly entered into in accordance with this Section shall be final and binding upon the parties or the Order approving it shall have the effect of a judgment rendered by the Labor Arbiter in the final disposition of the case.

The requirements of due process in labor procdure before a Labor Arbiter is satisfied when the parties are given the opportunity to submit their position papers to which they are supposed to attach all the supporting documents or documentary evidence that would prove their respective claims, in the event that the Labor Arbiter determines that no formal hearing would be conducted or that such hearing was not necessary. In implementing articlerespondent Od however laid down the rule allowing reduction of the amount of bond which it can approve in meritorious cases.

The concurrence of two 2 Commissioners of a Division shall be necessary for the pronouncement of a judgment or resolution. The materials contained on this website are for general information purposes only and are subject to the disclaimer.

New NLRC Rules of Procedure: impact on seafarers and manning agents

Section 10 thereof provides: No Extension of Period. The above are the currently perceived significant changes but we are continually reviewing the NLRC Rules and will report on any other significant developments in subsequent updates.

It is thus not confined to execution proceedings but can be availed of in relation to all orders or resolutions of the labour arbiter. Finality of decisions of the Commission. It ruled that respondents failed to adduce substantial evidence to support their arguments of non-liability.

Del Rosario & Del Rosario Lawfirm – Significant Changes in the NLRC Rules of Procedure

As amended on November 5, rulws As used herein, “Regional Arbitration Branch” shall mean any of the regional arbitration branches, sub-regional branches or provincial extension units of the Commission.

It shall be mandatory for the Division to meet for the purpose of the consultation ordained herein. These verified position papers shall cover only those claims and causes of action raised in the complaint excluding those that may have been amicably settled, and shall be accompanied by all supporting documents including the affidavits of their respective witnesses which shall take the place of the rulse direct testimony.


Secondly, even gratia argumenti that the documents adverted to are valid and were entered into voluntarily, the consideration thereof is oppressive, unreasonable and unconscionable. Filing and Service of Pleadings. No Extension of Period. Links DelRosario Pandiphil Inc. We would like to ensure that you are still receiving content that you find useful — please confirm that you would like to continue to proedure ILO newsletters.

Service by registered mail is complete upon receipt by the addressee or his agent; but if the addressee fails to claim his mail from the post office within five 5 days from the date of first notice of the postmaster, service shall take effect after such time. For one, their failure to rulex an appeal bond during the reglementary period was directly violative of Article of the Rulles Code.

We rule for private respondent.

Although the NLRC Rules of Procedure may 205 liberally construed in the determination of labor disputes, there is, however, a caveat to this policy. In a long line of cases, we have ruled that the payment of the appeal bond is a jurisdictional requisite for the perfection of an appeal to the NLRC. Requisites for Perfection of Appeal. In so ruling, the NLRC reasoned: In the meantime, the case can still continue because the manning agents has the remedy of elevating the matter to the Court of Appeals and eventually, to the Supreme Court.

The undertaking herein mentioned shall be understood to constitute an agreement entered into by the complainant and the surety upon which an order may be rendered in the same suit or proceeding against said complainant and surety, upon a hearing to assess damages, of which hearing complainant and surety shall have reasonable nkrc, the said complainant and surety submitting themselves to the jurisdiction of the Commission for that purpose.

Under the Rules, rulrs can also be done by private courier. If the 10th or 5th day, as the case may be, falls on a Saturday, Sunday nkrc a holiday, the last day to perfect the appeal shall be the next working day.

Jurisdiction of the Commission. On the other hand, respondent company avers that he is barred from raising this issue, as rles failed to appeal the labor arbiters Decision dismissing his Complaint.

See also Rural Bank of Sta. Authority to bind party. It would rues that the seafarer can keep filing a new case despite dismissals of his previous cases due to non-appearance at the mandatory conferences.


Reception of Evidence; Delegation.

Failure to Attend Mandatory Conferences by Respondents Manning Agents In case of non-appearance by the respondent manning agent during the first scheduled conference, the second conference as scheduled in the summons shall proceed. Liberal construction of the NLRC rules is allowed only in meritorious cases, where there is substantial compliance with the NLRC Rules of Procedure or where the party involved demonstrates a willingness to abide by the rules by posting a partial bond.

In case of objection to the consolidation, the same shall be resolved by the Executive Labor Arbiter.

The fact that the payroll and the CBA [13] were submitted for the first time on appeal before the NLRC does not mean that they cannot be given evidentiary weight. Due process is satisfied when the parties are afforded fair and reasonable opportunity to explain their respective sides of the controversy. In view of national holidays in the Philippines, our offices will be closed on following days — Monday 24 December and Tuesday 25 December, 20005 re-open on Wednesday 26 December;Monday 31 December and Tuesday 1 Januaryto re-open on Wednesday 2 January They were deliberate attempts to circumvent established rules.

Firm News Updates Feedback. On August 2,respondents filed a motion for clarification but this was likewise denied.

Andaya vs NLRC : : July 15, : J. Panganiban : Third Division : Decision

For this purpose, he shall keep a Minutes Book:. In this case, however, the rule on the posting of appeal bond was relaxed because when the appeal was made, there were still no implementing rules and regulations for the filing of a cash or surety bond.

In exceptional cases, however, as when there is an impending or actual strike or lockout, or when a labor dispute is reportedly attended by violence, or is causing or likely to cause public disorder or procedre, or in places where holding a raffle is not practicable, the Executive Labor Arbiter may assume jurisdiction over such cases or assign the same to Labor Arbiters who, in his opinion, can effect immediate settlement or adjudication of the cases.

If at all, the movant should have secured the approval of the Commission for the reduction of bond within the same period allowed by law.

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