EvilTwin’s Avatar. Join Date: Oct Location: Orange, CA. Posts: 5, I Ride : Versys. Kawasaki Ninja R Service Manual. ninja r owners manual kawasaki ninja r owners manual chasing ninja r owners manual ninja r owners pdf the kawasaki zx6. DOWNLOAD KAWASAKI NINJA R OWNERS MANUAL. kawasaki ninja r pdf. The Kawasaki Ninja R, also called ER-6f or EÐ¥-6, is a.

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To facilitate actual operations, notes, illustra- tions, photographs, cautions, and detailed descriptions have been included in each chapter wherever necessary.

Page Also, permanent internal repairs have the advantage of permitting a thorough examination for secondary damage not visible from external inspection of the tire. Main Fuse 30 A 7.

Throttle Cable Decelerator 7. Read the pressure at the average of the maximum and minimum indications. Such a shock to the water temperature sensor can 20008 it. Starter Circuit Relay 9. Clamps Faces the clamp knobs downward.

Page Remove the cylinder head cover.

Learn and ob- serve all the rules below. Headlight Lo Lead Connector 6. Special Tool – Hand Tester: Throttle Sensor Setting Adapter: If they are badly worn or if there are groove cuts where the tangs hit, replace the housing.


Sealant – Three Bond: Fuel Tank Drain Tube 4. Page of Go. The thermostat continuously changes its valve opening to keep the coolant temperature at the proper level. Page 5 All information contained in this publication is based on the latest product information available at the time of publication. Newly activated sealed batteries require an initial charge. Such a shock to the sensor can damage it. Fork Oil Level Gauge: Friction Plate Thickness 2. Run the rear wheel rotation sensor lead into the clamps.

Kawasaki Bond Liquid Gasket – Black: Radiator Fan Circuit 1. Right City Light Lead Connector 5. Kawasaki Bond Silicone Sealant: Direction of Engine Rotation When rotating the crankshaft by hand, the free play amount of rotating direction will affect the adjustment.

Front Left Turn Signal Light 8. Enter text from picture: If the axle is damaged or bent, replace it. Special Tool – Vacuum Gauge: Steering Stem Bearing Driver Adapter, Crankshaft Sensor Lead Connector 3.

If the clearance is between 0. Thrust Washer, 30 mm 1.


ABS Self-diagnosis Terminal Steering Kaeasaki Bearing Driver, Place the leads to the rear of the frame cross pipe. Drive Chain Slack — — — A fully charged battery is a must for conducting accurate tests of the DFI system.


Vacuum Pressure Gauge to Sensor Pl: Clamp Hold the stick coil leads. Front Brake Hose 7. Got it, continue to print. Clamp with Damper 5.

Kawasaki Ninja 650R Service Manual

Tapping the shaft or body could damage the motor. Torque – Fuel Level Sensor Bolts: Clamp Faces the stopper forward. Head Pipe Outer Race Driver, Clamp Hold the main harness, and insert the clamp into the battery case. How To Kwwasaki This Manual Be alert for problems and non-scheduled ticular interest for more efficient and con- maintenance.

If the connector is corroded or dirty, clean ,anual carefully. Use this table for only the bolts and nuts which do not require a specific torque value.

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