CISSN, NSCA-CPT. With Nutritionist Josh Bezoni strategic set up of the 3 Week Diet; however, this manual will mostly serve as a. “how to” user’s guide. If you are looking for Josh Bezoni and Joel Marion’s 3 Week Diet review then check this out. Learn the truth if it really works here. As it turns out, it’s a dieting system created by “Josh Bezoni” (more on him later) that supposedly to eat rather large amounts of certain foods that you wouldn’t think you could eat on a diet. After spending a few weeks with it I was a little impressed to say the least. stephanie June 24, at pm.

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Chances are a refund request can no josu push through. Customer support appears to be either inefficient or non-existent. Do not buy from this person.

The 3 Week Diet Review – Examining Josh Bezoni and Joel Marion's Diet Program

I am so grateful that I found this site I want long term results not short term, better than spending money for a pill that can give more problems than help. Not bad if you ask me.

As for the program itself, it splits into different manuals. I am working on this. However, we would like to thank you for sharing your experience on our website. It does make it a little complicated but it is not a scam. How about flabbergasting revelations that big companies rig the entire diet and fitness industry? Really would like to move on to the third level, and then try some of her other workouts ax well!

It also shows you how much you should be eating, and when you should weem eating them. My first reply was – I will viet the process to refund your payment right away. Am very excited, and just going through the material now.


In the first week alone, you can expect a weight drop of approximately 10 pounds. This would certainly help our other readers get a more complete perspective.

It tries to get you to buy additional things one of which I bought, the cookbook was too tempting! Go here for 3 Week Diet discounts and sales. We also apologize if our negative review failed to dissuade you from purchasing this product.

82 best Josh Bezoni images on Pinterest | Diet tips, Losing weight tips and Skin tips

We also appreciate that you pointed out both the pros and cons of your experience. This will be helpful for our readers. It has been two months and I have yet to see any refund.

No problem, you bezoin see your money in business days. Fat Loss Factor — Does it work?

Official 3 Week Diet Review –

According to the 3 Week Diet, you must create a calorie deficit to lose weight. Health Benefits of Probiotics. This so that you can achieve ultra-fast and effective fat loss. I hit the back button to cancel a couple of times and it automatically had me purchase the first extra option which was another 60 dollars.

There are a lot of unsubstantiated claims by this program.

I am so glad I found this page, even if it is just to see all of your comments and ideas. I did purchase this product and had absolutely no trouble getting to the download and saving it to my computer. So I am not sure where the other stories about waiting so long for refunds are coming from.

However I am looking to form a bit of community support while on the diet bzeoni it is something new to me and would like beaoni and motivation from others.

I have emailed 3 more times to see where my refund is and have had NO response. Unfortunately, I have to wait until Monday to talk to the customer service which, as I was told by Paypal, are hard to get in josj with. I just purchased this e-book thinking it was 47 dollars; and sure enough as soon as I put my Paypal account I got into a page that forces you to buy all these extra books and there was no exit.


These are some claims made that the author ojsh us to believe without any evidence. Hopefully it would keep our other readers from falling for the bad practices of this merchant.

We only review the product and have bdzoni control over how the product merchant behaves beyond our published review. This program lacks proof of real life results. This keeps the dieter motivated and continue working towards their weight loss goals. I am 59 and He also claims to have been in the fitness industry since the 90s. Also, it clears up some diet concepts like the food pyramid and metabolism. I requested a refund and was given one within 24 hours, no questions asked.

It comes in three phases, with each phase being one week long for a total of 3 weeks and thus the title of the program. You do this so that you can adjust your rapid weight loss plan based on your body type. Topics on dieting, exercising, and motivation inside.

Congratulations on your results and we hope to see you more often in our website. We agree that the company behind this program operates in a shady manner.

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