Read about Day of Doom, Book 6 of The 39 Clues: Cahills vs. Vespers series by David Baldacci. Day of Doom (The 39 Clues: Cahills vs. A shadowy organization known only as the Vespers snatched seven members of the Cahill family and demanded a. Day of Doom is the sixth and final book in the Cahills vs. Vespers series. It is written by David Baldacci and published on March 5.

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In the aftermath, Amy, Sinead, and Dan discuss how they will return to their normal lives. I sometimes doubt your intelligence.

Day of Doom by David Baldacci

Meanwhile, in Tikal, as the group is searching for the crystal, Pierce’s thugs ambush them, and Dan nearly dies. No explanation as to what Amy and Dan told them about his death. Amy and Dan reunite the Cahills, who are all going to have different lives now. All they can count on is cahil,s tidal wave of trouble coming, and only them to stand in its way. Could he not have let Evan gracefully bow out of the relationship and maybe find someone else Like Sinead who has crawled back from the evils?

You submitted the following rating and review. She was sad about Evan’s death for a short amount of time and immediately went to Jake. The cover is purple, with green pieces of broken glass.

I think that it would have made an ok book if a different author had written it, but David Baldacci has no clue how to write teenage dialogue. Alistair is presumed to be dead but faked. The romance in this cahille between Amy and Jake was so obvious from the beginning that I like Dan every time they started getting goo-goo eyed at each other wanted to throw up. But they were no longer seeing.

Goes stark raving mad. Day of Doom is the sixth and final book in the Cahills vs. It was written by Jeff Hirsch. The fight scenes were just so random, and the best word I can think of right now was messy.


Vespers series–what can I say? Dan, Amy, and Nellie then go to Venice, where Dan and Amy sneak into the Janus stronghold and steal vesprs very important clue from the Janus and escape, only to be kidnapped by the Kabras later. The group finally fights off the pilot, and Amy takes the controls.

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From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Cpues book chronicles one location which Amy, Dan, and their au pair Nellie travel to and focuses on one historical character associated with a Clue. Some plot holes were too conveniently tied up while the villain turned out to not be so Book closes shut.

I expected so much more. I know it would be “unrealistic” if everyone survived then again, Baldacci hadn’t really been doing that well with the whole attempt at being realistic in the first placebut why Evan and Natalie? Jun 18, Lydia rated it it was ok Shelves: I have never read any of Baldacci’s novels, and now I never will.

Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. Even the plot line is such a cliche.

Mar 10, Katherine rated it it was cajills. Here we have two siblings, so alike and yet, never realized how far apart they were until they were actually separated. If you loved the 39 Clues series, you might vespees tempted to read the next series just beca If you are a reader coming fresh off the first 39 Clues series and you’re thinking of reading the follow-up, Cahills vs.

Erasmus, a Cahill, explains that Arthur eay initiated into the Vespers but later cut off ties with them. Really, and just when I was expecting some depth in Jonah. To view it, click here. I started crying when I got to the part where Amy was temporarily in Heaven and kf Evan, Alistair, and Natalie holding hands with Isabel. Dan, Atticus, and Jake are all ignoring Amy because of how she left them behind while embarking on a dangerous mission.


Dear Jake- I personally find you strange. It is the end of the series, after a This review has some spoilers. Analysis comes from the Cahill Command Center about the notes: He has also been receiving texts dooj a Vesper claiming to be his father, so he texts back a question to confirm this and is shocked that the answer is correct.

In the second series the one that Baldacci concluded members of their family have been taken captive by the arch-nemesis of the Cahills, the Vespers. The last clue is the serum formula, which Dan memorizes, but no one wants it anymore. Then Amy gets up, goes downstairs, is reunited with everybody in a happy, fluffy ending, and there–it’s done. The dopm was pretty neat and I liked how Isabel turned out in the end.

The first series was wonderful, I loved everything single bit about it. Book 1 Gordon Korman. It was a serious disappointment.

Did the Holts forget their feelings in bed before going on to save the world? Oh, and exaggerate a bit more on Natalie and Ethan’s deaths.

39 Clues Cahills vs Vespers: #6 Day of Doom : David Baldacci :

Meanwhile, Natalie Kabra recounts how she had been experiencing nightmares for a week about Dan and Amy almost dying cajills being pushed to a propeller by her mother Isabel, and there is no sound ckues for laughter.

It’s as if David Baldacci flounders, wondering what the heck to do with this in order to tie into the ending that he has planned. Retrieved April 25, Baldacci was thinking, “Hmm, how can I make the series go out with a bang? He ruined most of my favorite characters and has generally left me with a feeling of wanting to burn this book so as not to have to deal with the horrid mess he made.

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