Forty Verses on Reality was written by Ramana Maharshi at the request of Muruganar, who wanted a concise synopsis of Ramana’s teaching, and wanted REALITY IN 40 VERSES | VERSE 04 | SRI RAMANA MAHARSHI. 1. If Self has form, the world and GOD likewise have form. If Self is without. Forty Verses on Reality. THIS IS MY favorite work of Sri Ramana’s. It strikes me as the most complete, the deepest, and the most tersely expressed. Sixteen years .

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For the other, the seen the resting place has become; the One, The Real the Truththe completely Full, shines as formless. Being Existenceis not born.

Not other than the seer is the Supreme, indeed. Only with reference to the present can the past and the future exist. Can that knowledge which is of one who does not know the Self oneself or: Therefore, to inhere in one’s own Being, where the ‘I’, or ego, is dead, is the perfect State.

This inert body does not say ‘I’. Self is only Being. And after, when found, the tenth-ness is one that one only, the same. Thereafter, in them [who] are naturally by their own nature immortal.

Ulladu Narpadu

To try to determine the nature of the past and the future while ignoring the present is like trying to count without the unit. If one has form oneself, the world and God also will appear to have form, but if one is formless, who is it that sees those forms, and how? While one is anxiously searching, as well as when one has found one’s Self, who else is one but the tenth man?

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With the idea thought, intelligence, mind rises, with the thought mind sets. So, still, abidance as the Supreme Self is not to be completely attained. With a keen mind enquire whence this ‘I’ emerges.

This is all the difference between them. Can that knowledge that does not know the one who knows oneself the Self. The mind is to be turned back within interior to the mind, here.

Forty Verses On Reality by Ramana Maharshi

For Him who is immersed in the bliss of the Self, arising from the extinction of the ego, what remains to be accomplished? Mind, bhava mundane existence, samsarajiva the individual named. Is to be said, the Lord realihy is the powerful Mastersomeone with boundless onn.

That State is agreeable to all, wherein, having given up the objective outlook, one knows one’s Self and loses all notions either of unity or duality, of oneself and the ego.

Not having attained obtained the abidance in the established Self true Existence. Can that knowledge which is of one who does not know the Self oneself. Therefore we, timeless, and spaceless Being, alone are.


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Society of Abidance in Truth | Forty Verses on Reality

Various manifold forms of Consciousness are not established as apart [or] divided [from] the true Consciousness. The Truth is silent.

Can the change transformation, modification of ornaments exist truly Without the gold, separately aparthere in this world? If it is said, that Liberation is of three kinds, raelity form or without form or with and without form, then let me tell you that the extinction of three forms of Liberation is the only true Liberation.

They that know the Self as the one Source of destiny and free-will are free from both. The Truth is the Consciousness-Self. Pictures of name and form, the person who sees, the screen on which he sees, and the light by which he sees: The Tamil verses were translated into Sanskrit by Kavyakantha Ganapati Muni Vasishta Ganapati Muniwho had also selected which verses were to appear as the invocation, and entitled Saddarsanam.

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