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Civil Servants’ Act No.

Bazi kanun ve kanun hukmunde kararnamelerde degisiklik yapilmasina dair kanun – Adoption: Legal Notice for the implementation of the Act No.

Amends, inter alia, the Act No. It contains the purpose and scope of the General Health Insurance, provisions concerning health services to be taken over, rules on the general health insurance, registration and activation process, payment of the public health insurance contributions, terms of use, registration process, etc. It amends the Regulations of the Ministry of Labour and Social Security of November on occupational health and safety in mining workplaces as follow: Amends section 14 relating to pension insurance for workers employed in underground works.

Regulations of the Ministry of National Education on the employment of contracted teachers. In line with Article 3 of Act No. Amends the article of the Civil Servants Act No. Regulations on section 41 of the Act No.

Chapter 1 deals with general provisions, chapter 2 with the classification, chapter 3 with the recruitement of civil servants. Adds several paragraphs following Article 2 paragraph concerning definitions and adds a paragraph oanun Article 81 concerning physicians in the enterprise of Labour Law No.

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Also amends the Law on the Social and Legal Protection of Military Servicemen and Members of their Families supplementing para 2 of article 15 Pension provision and support with new paragraph 7. Also amends Law on compulsory state social insurance for occupational accidents and diseases leading to a loss of working capacity supplementing the section “Final provisions” with a new paragraph; also amends Law kannun Collection and Registration of Unified Contribution for Compulsory State Social Insurance supplementing “Final and transitional provisions” with new paragraph 2.


Procedure of granting a leave to military servicemen and of calling them back to service with new para Provides for the specification of working standards so as to facilitate the functioning of the Public Service and Civil Servants. Regulations on the system and bases of power in accordance with the Act No. Collective agreement on energy, industry and mining services Section Establishes that, in the event of forest fires, entire male population of surrounding villages and towns between 18 and 50 sayyl of age shall be obliged to particpate in extinguishing of the fire.

It amends the following Acts: Regulations on Security Investigations and Investigations of Records, Prohibits labour in the lack of surveillance by a mining engineer.

Commission may seek legal advice Chapter 5 deals with financial dispositions, chapter 6 with social rights and aids. Article 14 of Act No. Article 10 of Act No.

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Notifications of the President of the Social Security institution on determining the allocation of a pension for the mother and sayo as beneficiaries upon the death of the insured party. Collective agreement on agricultural and forestry services Section Using Private Accommodations Chapter V: Concerns conditions for the granting of disability benefits, and classification of disability groups.

Supplements the Act No. Organisation of service in State bodies Chapter IV: Lays down the qualities, rights and responsibilities of persons employed in transport operations and ensures that the road transport and other transport systems operate their services in collaborative and complementary manner and that the available facilities are used correctly.

Lists technical, scientific, organisational and normative measures which are aimed at the improvement of occupational safety and working conditions in mines. Sets out the rules that must be followed in order to ensure road safety.


Employment of persons not paid out of public funds 6. Regulations zayl the Health Ministry of July to amend Regulations of September of the Health Ministry on the assignment and transfer of medical personnel working under contract.

It provides for employees working under the Civil Servant Act No.

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Civil List and Gazette 9. Regulations of on working conditions of employees in agriculture. Conclusion of the agreement on the installment of Article IV: Law of Ukraine No. Act of 29 June concerning the mission of Public Service and the Public servants. Establishment Register and the creation of posts 5. It amends Article 8 para 1 b and adds a paragraphs l and m conditions for transfer. Contributions will be on the basis of daily income, and all rights given to the worker will be granted to his family as well.

Leave for preparation and participation in competitions.

Stipulates that such standards are to be based on detailed analyses of each position and are to be used in the assessment of the best qualified persons for employment. In State forests, forestry administration shall be required to pay compensation for any personal belongings and equipment of fire fighters which are damaged while fighting the fire. Amends footnote part 3 No. Contains provisions on disability contributions, old age benefits, occupational disability, war veteran, veteran benefits, etc.

It amends the chert of Annex 3 other compensations; Compensation for security services. Chapter 4 concernes conditions and modalities of the service. In line with the Civil Servants’ Act No. Annual Confidential Reports Sets forth principles pertaining to payment of exemption sum by surplus reserves, and deals with various administrative matters.

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