5th, 6th & 7th Bipartite Retirees. Category of 5th Bipartite The ceiling of Pension be raised to Rs. /- p.m. bipartite settlement was originally reckoned. (A), The Indian Banks’ Association (IBA) on behalf of its member banks named in the respective Schedule, signed settlements with the All India Bank Employees’. 7th Bipartite Settlement pdf download. Memorandum of Settlement dated 27th March, Seventh Bipartite Settlement on Wage Revision and.

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Cycle allowance not be paid to a workmen member of the subordinate staff entitled to the allowance for the period of leave where such leave exceeds 30 days. Officiating Pay In partial modification of paragraph III f of Bipartite Settlement dated 8 th November,if a workman other than subordinate staff officiates in a post in higher cadre either for a continuous period of 7 days or more or an aggregate of 7 days in a calendar month, he shall be paid with effect from 1 st June, officiating pay at the rates laid down in Clauses 9.

The total number of such employees is also very small and the additional burden by this will be very negligible.

Service Conditions of Bank Employees: Special provision for State Bank of Bipartits Special compensatory provisions in respect of State Bank of India may be reviewed and settled at bank level. Compensation for losses due to breakage. The IBA also raised with the Unions, during negotiations, issues on behalf of the managements biparrite the banks concerned, to be discussed and settled with a view to improving productivity, efficiency, customer service, discipline and maintaining harmonious industrial relations.

Seventh Bipartite Settlement

Abuse of the facility will be dealt with treating such claims as acts of gross misconduct. Places with population of 2 lakhs and over [other than places in i above] and State Capitals and Capitals of Union Territories. For the yearthe reimbursement of medical expenses under the medical aid scheme shall be enhanced proportionately for two months i. Incase of emergency leading to Hospitalisation. In super session of Clause 15 of the Bipartite Settlement dated 27 th March,w.

For the purpose of medical facilities: In 6th Bipartite Settlement salary was revised by merger of DA at points with the then existing relative Basic Pay and pension was made payable at hipartite revised basic pay to all those who retired during the currency of 6th Bipartite Settlement.


7th Bipartite Settlement pdf download

Banks will evolve appropriate procedure about issuance of provisional receipts etc. In continuation of clause 32 of 7 th Bipartite Settlement dated 27 th March,it is agreed between the parties that deployment of non-subordinate staff in banks which are parties to this settlement shall be in accordance to the terms and conditions set-forth in Schedule VI to this Settlement.

Realignment of Pension to the Retirees retired under 5th to 8th Bipartite Settlements though recommended by the Bank in the yearit did not receive the approval from the Government of India even though such recommendations fall within the Pension Fund rules of SBI. To stitch currency note bundles. Hospitalisation charges in connection with maternity will not be reimbursable. Project Area Compensatory Allowance. The annual cost incurred on meeting of the Board by way of sitting fees, etc. In substitution of Clause 6 of Bipartite Settlement setlement 14th February with effect from 1st November, the dearness allowance shall be payable as per the following rates: If he fails to report for work or reports for work in response to the notice but absents himself a third time from work within a period of 30 days without prior sanction, his name shall be struck off from the rolls of the establishment after 30 ibpartite of such absence under intimation to him by registered post deeming that he has voluntarily vacated his appointment.

In exceptional cases necessitating treatment of a kind yet to be widely established in the country, where workmen on medical advice obtained in the manner indicated below, choose to go on their own for treatment abroad, permission for treatment abroad may be granted by the Board of Directors of the Bank subject to conditions laid down hereinafter and limited to the expenditure that would have been incurred had such treatment been received bjpartite India in a government hospital or a nursing home specially recognized by the Director General of Health Services of the Government of India.

In all other respects, the General Rules and Provisions contained in Chapter V of the Bipartite Settlement dated 19th October, as modified from time to time shall continue to apply.

Post Graduate Institute Chandigarh. Sick Leave In partial modification of Para IX 3 of Bipartite Settlement dated 17th September,the following provisions shall apply with effect from the date of this Settlement. The overtime allowance paid to the employees for the overtime work performed until the date of settlement shall not be recalculated on account of this Settlement. This anomaly has to be corrected and they be placed on par with other retirees of SBI itself coming under various other Bipartite Settlements.


For removal of doubts it is clarified that the workman entrusted with duties attracting special pay can be required to perform routine duties of his cadre and that the following duties shall inter alia form part of the normal duties of the clerical cadre and for performance of those duties no special pay shall be payable: Up to 3 hours. Samaritan Hospital Alwaye Kerala. The surviving pre retirees are getting meagre amount of less than Rs.

7th Bipartite Settlement pdf download — BANK EMPLOYEES NEWS

Their work involves carrying out semi-skilled electrical work like routine maintenance of electrical equipments, effecting minor 7tg to electrical fixtures and appliances. However, in cases of hospitalisation expenses for reimbursement purpose. In super session of all earlier provisions relating to Special Area Allowance, w. Computer Operator — A. Clause 17 of the Fifth Bipartite Settlement dated 10th April,shall stand deleted. Halting Allowance In modification of Clause 14 of the Bipartite Settlement dated 14th February,with effect from the date of this Settlement, seytlement allowance shall be payable at the following rates for the days spent on duty outside the headquarters: Split Duty Allowance In partial modification of Clause 4 of the Bipartite Settlement dated 28th November, with effect from 1st April,split duty allowance shall be payable as under: The reimbursement of hospitalisation expenses will be restricted to the following charges: Pension July 16 General Manager Jaslok HospitalMumbai.

Provided that in the case of an employee acquiring such qualification after reaching the maximum of the scale of pay, he shall be granted from the date of acquiring such qualification the first installment of Graduation pay or PQP, as the case may be and the release of subsequent installments of Graduation Pay or PQP under this clause. Details Extent of reimbursement 3. In the case of Special Assistant, sdttlement Special Pay payable for the period 1 st November, to the date of the Settlement shall be Rs.

The facility of encashment of privilege leave while availing settlement Leave Fare Concession is also available while encashing the facility of LFC.

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