British historian Clive Ponting did a fantastic amount of research, and . Ponting, Clive, A New Green History of the World: The Environment. Like Jared Diamond’s Guns, Germs and Steel, Clive Ponting’s book studies the relationship between the environment and human history. A Green History of the World. The Environment and the Collapse of Great Civilizations. by Clive Ponting. pages, paperback, Penguin, A Green History.

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The Environment and the Collapse of Great Civilizations. Both cities had to switch from horse power to fossil power.

Trivia About A Green History o He did not include the obligatory chapter of brilliant solutions. World oil production was clivf million tons inmillion tons in2.

A Green History of the World: The Environment & the Collapse of Great Civilizations

The Environment and the Histoey of Great Nov 29, Judith rated it really liked it. It was just the nature of the book, fact after fact. Explore the Home Gift Guide.

Ponting provides cautionary tales of the collapse of early civilizations due to environmental deterioration. Your excellent review is a good companion to mine.

A New Green History of the World : Clive Ponting :

I had so many questions going into reading this book. Few have a competent understanding of the path we have taken, or the predicaments that now threaten us. Pages with related products. Both cities had to switch from horse power to fossil power. Modern cities cannot function without nonrenewable fossil power. The patterns from the data are so clear that the reader cannot help but become utterly concerned for the future of our world.

It spans the two million year saga of our hominid ancestors, devoting most attention to the last 12, years, the era of thunder footprints. I think I flipped to the end to confirm this the fact that I can’t recall any sort of pronounced denouement should speak for itself.


I also expect new references as well as old references. I felt like I was being pounded with figures and statistics until I couldn’t take any more.

That the book doesn’t suggest what these might be feels reflexively disappointing, but I consider it a strength. Kind of a People’s History of the World, but from an environmental perspective. It is a human trait we capitalize on at our very own demise. Pontinf of the “Further Reading” section lists books written in the s. The challenge, of course, will be to recognize the point at which this will no longer be possible ,and tthe find the economic and social means to respond to achieve some level of sustainability.

Write a customer review. More horses were needed to haul more food over more miles. As informative as Ponting’s catalog of offenses is, after reading Diamond and Fagan, I’m surprised at the dearth of pre examples provided. This book is also interesting for everyone who want to know more about the history of stone chicken coops ; The independent city states survived until BC when the first external conqueror of the region– Sargon of Agade–established the Akkadian empire.

A Green History of the World

Should be listed along side Silent Spring as a cornerstone book in the environmental movement. Nevertheless, the book pomting goes through the different ponring and documents the specific destructions ravaged upon them.

Quotes from A Green History of the World Edition “The Easter Islanders, aware that they were almost completely isolated from the rest of the world, must surely have realised that their very existence depended on the limited resources of a small island. The incredible filth attracted countless trillions of flies that took great delight in spreading typhoid.


Food surplus allowed for urbanization and a growth in population. It means there’s notable intentional omissions that only people educated in the order of technological discoveries in the United States would even realize were censored.

The text has a number of shortcomings that would ordinarily conspire to produce no more than a mediocre work. Mobilizing to Save Civilizationamong other sources are probably necessary to stem the tide of destruction, they cannot be sufficient because they don’t address the fundamental factors that have given rise to these problems in the first place – our very outlook on the world and the way it causes us to treat it and each other.

Looking for beautiful books?

Fascinating outline of man’s cultural evolution and how it has been built upon the utilization of natural resources of the planet. Ponting has no faith in biotech miracles. I have not read the earlier version wordl this book, and so cannot make comparisons, but much of the book is so well written, and other parts so badly, that it feels as if the earlier version was very well edited, and then the updates were inserted on a word processor.

It also makes a welcome change from the scatter-gun apocalypse-mongering which has become standard fare in green literature. I think I would recommend this book over Collapse by Jared Diamond. My library Help Advanced Book Search.

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