At the age of eighteen, Patrick Leigh Fermor set off from the heart of London on an epic journey—to walk to Constantinople. A Time of Gifts is the rich account of. A Time of Gifts Patrick Leigh Fermor John Murray £, pp One of the most romantic books of the twentieth century, Patrick Leigh Fermor’s. At the age of eighteen, Patrick Leigh Fermor set off from the heart of London on an epic journey—to walk to Constantinople. A Time of Gifts is.

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It will put you to shame or in awe, maybe. He is a normal kid, drinking and seeing the towns and the world around him. He will embark on a Grand Tour of Europe, following in the footsteps of the aristocrats of the eighteenth century. First, is that this is a portrait of a world that is about to vanish forever. To be just, Leigh Fermor is marvelous when it comes to surfaces and particularities. Following the white parallelograms the lines of the willow dwindled as insubstantially as trails of vapour.

Retrieved from ” https: Trees and masts were dispersed in clumps and the polygonal tiers of an enormous and elaborate gothic belfry soared above the steep roofs. The books are written many years after his travels. I spent a night in each of them and only a few scattered fragments remain: It is composed of countless magnificent words.

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It’s an exceptional book. Two Roads Frieda Annabel Abbs. Undeniably I did—particularly the section where he is taken in by the German girls. After his stormy schooldays, followed by the walk across Europe to Constantinople that begins in A Time of Gifts and continues through Between the Woods and the Waterhe lived and traveled in the Balkans and the Greek Archipelago.

In the hands of a ggifts scribe, a book such as this would probably per instructions of the publisher focus on such tawdry elements as how the knight errant strung together all manner of romantic conquests and dodged every kind of creep and pervert that could possibly lurk in Europe. The archway at the top of these shallow steps, avoiding the threatened anticlimax of a flattened ogee, deviated in two round-topped lobes on either side gfts a right-angeled central cleft slashed deep between the cusps.


There had been days, I was told, when horsemen on the way to the indoor lists rode in full armour up these steps: Not only is the journey one of physical adventure but of cultural awakening. His powers of recollection have astonishing sweep and verve, and tmie scope is majestic. So why does this dude sound like he just rode in on a hansom cab from the Congress of Vienna? He was famous for his wartime heroism in occupied Crete, where he lived as a shepherd among the resistance fighters in the mountains and masterminded the daring abduction of the German garrison commander.

Fermor apparently quoted memorized poetry that the captured soldier also had committed to memory. Sep 07, David rated it did not like it Shelves: They looked rather odd. View all 6 comments. One never careers happily through it. Sons of the Blood Robyn Young.

A Time of Gifts – Wikipedia

Oct 03, Tiime Buy. Create a free website or blog at WordPress. Secondly, the English major types are often aesthetically conservative. If my own knowledge of history had been better I would have g This is a really wonderful armchair travel book.

For the successful travel writer, war hero and beloved raconteur who wrote these books, these are stories of a half-remembered youth as well as a half-forgotten Europe.

Lsigh and Captain Billy Moss hatched a daring plan to abduct the general, while ensuring that no reprisals were taken against the Cretan population. You know those people who can make a thingan occasion out of anything, out of doing errands if they must? Inat the age of 18, Patrick Leigh Fermor set out on an extraordinary journey by foot – from the Hook of Holland to Constantinople.

Fermor is one of these people. This would make him a national war hero, but I rush ahead. Wedgwood’s fine The Thirty Years War which he extols in a note. There was a scattering of buoys and the scanned flash of a light-house.


Romantic journey

About Patrick Leigh Fermor. The book is also filled with perceptive observations of all kinds of architecture. How strange it seemed, as I took shelter in the little saloon — feeling, suddenly, forlorn; but only for a moment — to be setting off from the heart b London!

Due to my ignorance, there were points where I was a bit lost. What about his finger-wagging parents, you ask?

A Time of Gifts by Patrick Leigh Fermor

The unusual vantage point of these books lends them great poignancy, for we and the author know what the youthful Leigh Fermor cannot: Pearson says that as they walked around Crete she could barely keep up with him and he was very much like he was in the book; observant of nature, breaking into song and poetry periodically and climbing things.

A planned third volume of Leigh Fermor’s journey to its completion in Constantinople was never completed. This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. John Murray Country Michael Hughes. There are all kinds of adventures waiting on your doorstep, any day of the year, all you need is Wonderland. It is a meditation on the role of the storyteller himself. Some advocate geo-engineering – the large-scale engineering and manipulation of the world’s environment e.

It is a book of compelling glimpses – not only of the events which were curdling Europe at that time, but also of its resplendent domes and monasteries, its great rivers, the sun on the Bavarian patick, the storks and frogs, the hospitable burgomasters who welcomed him, and tims world’s grandeurs and courtesies.

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