Digital Edition. This Fact Book has been prepared by Continental Aktiengesellschaft and includes information available to us as of March 7, It has not. Source: AAIA Factbook, 24rd Edition ; data is estimated, excludes tires . Collision Source: CCC Information Services –Crash Course

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Within The Digital Auto Care Factbookwe found some great news for the automotive aftermarket.

Customers will frequent shops they view as efficient, up-to-date and technologically savvy OEM Dealerships Are Price Competitive As dealerships cut costs, independent shops will have to operate smarter.

By permission, we are presenting some interesting aftermarket industry statistics on vehicle maintenance and repair services from an award-winning annual report released in May and written by the Auto Care Association, formerly AAIA Automotive Aftermarket Industry Association. Click Here for Free Access. When trends indicate the economy may be slowing, you want to take steps to ensure your customers will keep coming back. Continuing Education is Critical The industry is demanding smarter technicians.


Why should you care about statistics and business trends? Contact us today for a free trial. Log in E-mail or username: Click here to see a live demo.

Tablets Rule for Technician Efficiency Having to walk away from the car to check repair data on a laptop or PC is inefficient. Social media, email and web marketing has made it easy and inexpensive to attract and retain customers. ALLDATA supports the automotive repair and collision industries with proven systems aaiq services that make a positive difference.

Motorists are taking advantage of the fact that cars are engineered to last longer and this will mean more vehicle maintenance. Connect with us footer link.

AAIA Releases Newly-Expanded Aftermarket Factbook & Lang Annual – Engine Builder Magazine

Create new account Request new password. July 8, By Kathi Kankis. Quickly finding critical repair information will reduce repair times and boost revenue.

Aftermarket leaders are clearly confident in the industry — a good barometer of the economy as a whole. Legal Legal footer link.

Shops that provide training will be sought-after for two reasons: The demand for technicians has surged ahead of supply. Shop Marketing Matters Shops are budgeting for marketing.


AAIA Factbook – 15

Check out some of the positive trends identified in the report:. Change is inevitable and it encourages innovation. Average Vehicle Age is Climbing! Industry growth is being fueled by an increase in the average age of vehicles, 11 years old and up.

AAIA Releases Newly-Expanded 2009 Aftermarket Factbook & Lang Annual

Check out some of the positive trends identified in the report: Inmore thantechnicians were employed at repair shops, dealerships and gas stations. Related Sites Related Sites. The aftermarket has an opportunity to thrive by understanding positive industry trends. A total of 4. Get useful vehicle, product and industry news.

This includes a 2. International International Footer Link.

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