آب حیات اردو ناول: ایک اور بہترین اردو ناول جیسے عمیرہ احمد نے لکھا اور ہم جسے آپ سب کے لیے موبائل ایپ میں متعارف کروا رہے ہیں۔ اس ناول ایپ کی بہت ساری. Download Aab e Hayat by Umera Ahmed PDF free full-text complete all episodes eBook. آبِ حیات Aab e Hayat is published in Khawateen. Aab-e-Hayat By Umera Ahmed. likes · 92 talking about this. sequel of Pir-e -Kamil(S.A.W.W).

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I have my compliments and appreciation as well as my issues and concerns which I AM going to give rant to but my honest opinion is that Umera has outdone herself. We all also know of the Hadith where Omar’s sister asked him to make Wudu before reading the reading the Quran when he was a non-Muslim and the opinion of certain scholars like Ibn Abideen Shami RA is that non-Muslims are obliged to perform a ritual bath for touching it.

Somehow after Imama and Salaar he was he was the one I liked the most. Dec 30, Rameez Hqyat rated it it was ok. I mean who becomes THAT successful by reading just one book which was not even related to his profession. While reading Aab e hayat I was like hayay there is no need to write second part of peer e kamil. The descriptions of intelligence were a bit over the top.

Download Aab e Hayat by Umera Ahmed PDF Free – EBooksCart

Another grievance I have with Aab-e-Hayat or may be Umera is that why is she so, ahmfd at times. The best thing about this book was its conscious effort against the abolishment of usury, I am very proud of and heartily praise Umera’s efforts on this behalf.


His genious children Humain especially brought a lighter note to the story. I better say they were not the Salar and Imama we had read.

As she herself has said, that in its way, this book is idealistic but I say we do need ideals to build upon, badly.

Umerx said all that, the novel is not without its merits. However, the book is very different to Peere kamil. Writer seem to be inspired from Hollywood Movie “Blood Diamond” those who have watched it can relate.

Open Preview See a Problem? Oct 21, aiman. Maybe because he was the only kid who was shown closer to Imama maybe even her favorite child 5.

She sulk because Salar didn’t say good morning, or had breakfast with her or say she looks pretty in blue while she was wearing purple etc etc She has written about 16 bookscomprising of complete novels and compilations of short stories. We didn’t get some answers. The redemption of characters was exemplary, the mention of old home, Alzheimer’s and the family reunion was very apt, it really hit the mark.

آبِ حیات (Aab-e-Hayat)

She loves to read adult romance and has read up to to romance novels and as per Salar’s monologue, ‘not good ones but really cheap and dirty ones’. Her concerns are genuine and i feel her there. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up.

It showed how their family grew, how their kids’ lives unwound and the turn their own lives took, it showed the sacrifices both Imama and Salar made, their struggles, the obstacles they overcame and most all how both of them together recognized the hazards of interest based economic system and their struggles to eradicate it from the society.


She says “Raeesa” achi larki hai, Humain didn’t apparently get it but the her intention was not addressed. Umera’s knowledge and research about secret agencies is impressive. W ” which became her identity. And I must admit it has made me question my standing in emaan.!

Umera Ahmed boldly called out to the daylight robbing.

I loved that the love of Salar and Imama was beyond everything, growing stronger every minute, though I would have liked to watch them getting there, talking more about the old days, reminiscing the circumstances that lead them together. The answer cannot be that simple.

آبِ حیات (Aab-e-Hayat) (Peer-e-Kamil, #2) by Umera Ahmed

She began her writing career in at uemra quite young age. And thier “zaheen tareen ” children ugh The entire novel revolves around “wo hil nahi saki thi” and crying episodes. It was very cool that Saad finally had his redemption after and through another generation. Strong characters, beautiful relationships and emotional associations, a masterpiece!!!! In short the novel When we came to know hhayat was an extension of “Peer e Kamil”, the way writer carried the novel is questionable.

Learn more about Amazon Prime. Because peer e kamil has it’s own charm and worth. I simply loved it! Haya, it was a bit fantasized, especially the male characters and q bit too draggy in the first half but after you finish half of it, it’s a page turner.

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