Terror Of The Skies, The Airship Pirate Board Game Set in the world of Abney Park’s music, as featured in the novel The Wrath Of Fate, and the award winning . Airship Pirates RPG Line Developers: Peter Cakebread and Ken Walton Abney Park’s Airship Pirates RPG is produced by Cakebread & Walton under. From the music of renowned steampunk band Abney Park From the journals of Captain Robert of the airship HMS Ophelia From the creators of the Clockwork.

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The Emperor’s clockwork policemen patrol the streets and the ultimate threat of the Change Cage hangs over those who would rebel.

Tabletop Review: Abney Park’s Airship Pirates

The cover is thick and weighty, and the whole book has a heft to it. When done poorly, there is nothing more likely to make abnet lose interest in a game. You’ve got an airship. We are in the final week of production, before we send this off to press.

Irregular Magazine Issue 11 – Winter All you need now is a good swig of rum trust us, you’ll need itand you’re ready to set sail on the winds of time and abnet history itself!


I have this site to thank for it. It is also a challenge.

At first glance, there is not much to look at. While it might not be the Monster ManualI suspect that was never the intention.

In the case of this one, it comes in the form of a beautiful, full color book complete with maps, charts, and illustrations that detail the world of Abney Park that you’ve been hearing about in songs for all these years.

The final chapter of the core rules section is the Airships, Vehicles, and Beasts chapter. Characters start with 1 in each, modified by their Culture. This sort of material being as good as airsip is does the setting of Airship Pirates quite a service.

Since the character creation system eschews that, things can kick off with a bang. Abney Park Airship Pirates. Powered by Zen Cart. Add a copy to prg collection.

Abney Park’s Airship Pirates RPG | RPG Item | RPGGeek

Additionally, they make it easier for the GM to tweak abbey power levels of early adventures, since this crew is a good example of what a starting party might look like. Music is a great way to set a mood and the best lyrics read almost as musically as they sound when sung.

Airship Pirates has fewer character races, err Cultures, than Victorianathough compatibility means you can always move things from one game to the other. Skill Based buy or gain skills. Your email address will not be published. Cubicle abny Includes the PDF. The paper is thick and matte, with a tasteful border.


Airship Pirates RPG downloadable PDF

Cracked open, the pages lie flat, a sure sign of quality construction. The American wilderness lies below. Beyond adding character to the player characters, Backgrounds provide the Skills for each character.

For a setting pieced together from songs and bits and pieces of lore, Airship Pirates feels quite rich. It is a big, impressive, beautiful book. You’ve got a crew. Culture in hand, the next step is determining character statistics. When you say your character was an Automaton Factory Worker or a Misbegotten Prostitute, I am instantly transported to the world of Airship Pirates and I can picture your character vividly.

I guess you could even use them as player characters if you are in a rush to get right to it. A third sidebar answers a couple of questions I had about the compatibility of Airship Pirates with Victoriana and Dark Harvest. Then there is the GM section. Someone screwed the timeline up.

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