The main AD Administration log file is called by default. This name Use AD admin, not the AD relink utility directly, to relink non. ADADMIN UTILITY. In order to ensure that Oracle Applications system runs smoothly, we must perform routine maintenance tasks. We run. Adadmin Utility – Download as .rtf), PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online.

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Do not utjlity or delete any manager or worker restart files unless specifically directed to do so by Oracle Support Services. Patch Wizard uses the information contained in the global current view snapshot to determine which patches have already been applied.

Currently, these maintenance tasks are grouped by types on the AD Administration main menu. Do you want to generate Oracle Forms objects using this character set [Yes]? For example, for AD Administration, the default log file is adadmin.

If you choose No, it generates only JAR files that are missing or out-of-date. The available values for Adadmin are hidepw and trace.

Pages About Me Introduction Home. This creates a command window with the required environment settings for Oracle E-Business Suite. You can run AD Controller interactively or non-interactively. Fix files that report lossy conversion before you convert the character set. Do not modify or delete any manager or worker restart files unless explicitly told to do so by Oracle Support Services. Do you want to regenerate Oracle Forms executable files [Yes]? For example, if the files are on the node that contains the concurrent processing server, shut down the concurrent managers.

The AD utilities provide a default number of workers of twice the number of CPUs on the database server. On a broad level the tasks performed by adadmin can be categorized into database activities and Applications file system management tasks.


You selected the following languages: Patches usually indicate when you should perform this step.

AD Admin | Apps Dba

When you run the task, it prompts: To exit AD Administration, press [Return]. Adadmin asks us to set the number of rows these scripts process.

Most AD utilities require access to system parameters stored in various configuration and environment files when processing maintenance tasks. Run this task after you add a language.


Once you respond to these prompts, AD Administration displays the main menu, which serves as the gateway to various submenus where you select the individual maintenance tasks. When you respond to AD Administration prompts, you are running the utility interactively. To recover disk space, you can delete the adrelink. For example, after you upload new menu entries or apply a patch that changes the setup of flexfields. When you start AD Administration from the command line, it prompts you for the basic system-specific information it needs.

The Web-based maintenance utilities are listed in the following table. The Troubleshooting chapter in Oracle E-Business Suite Maintenance Procedures utilit various error situations when running a utility and how to resolve them. Shutting down concurrent managers when relinking certain files or performing certain database tasks. If it does, the utility asks if you want to drop the table.

In this case, separate the values with commas. On pages with lengthy lists of items, OAM displays a subset of the items for itility access. Comma-separated lists must not contain blank spaces. Oracle recommends that you use between 2 and 4 workers.

The individual utility screens discussed all relate to patching your Applications system. Generates executable Oracle forms files extension. Create Applications environment file 3.


You respond to the standard prompts and those required for specific tasks you choose from the AD main menu and submenus. This task generates message binary files extension. If you choose not to continue and restart your session at a later time, AD Administration attempts to regenerate only the files that did not generate successfully.

However, it is often useful to determine how many jobs have been completed or whether processing has stopped for some reason. From a Bourne, Korn, or Bash shell, enter the following command:.

You should use the debug option only when requested to do so by Oracle Support Services. AD Controller is a utility that you can use to determine utklity status of AD Administration or AutoPatch workers and to control their actions. Under the Maintain Applications Database Entities menu you can perform the following tasks Maintain Applications Database Entities 1.

Display the current set of installed languages and ask if you aadadmin to generate form or report files in these languages. Oracle E-Business Suite uses files to display messages.

Recreating EBS Product files using ADADMIN utility

For example, you need to supply a name for the log file where processing actions and error messages will be recorded. AD Relink appends information about the latest relink action to the end of the file.

In addition, many of the utilities produce reports that contain information such as job timing and file versions. On the Main Menu, choose a submenu. Adadmin determines other installation information.

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