Dress and Appearance AFI AFROTCI Fitness Program AFI AFROTCI J:\Student Organizations\AFROTC\Cadet Positions\Public Affairs Officer\Det If questions arise on how to properly wear the uniform and the regulations are. worn on Air Force dress uniform coats, i.e. formal, semi-formal, mess and as physically described in the Code of Federal Regulation, Title

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The current USAF service dress uniform continues to include the three button blue coat.

Uniforms of the United States Air Force – Wikipedia

Flight suits for missile personnel replaced a previous ultramarine blue jumpsuit that was unitorm fire retardant. Air Force—known as Military Training Instructors—are unifirm to wear a campaign hat. Air Force seal to historically significant Hap Arnold wings.

As the Army transitioned to black and brown subdued insignia on a green background on their combat uniforms in the late s and s, the Air Force effected a similar transition to subdued insignia in the s, transitioning to blue or brown on a green background and with subdued major command patches also employing subdued reds and black.

USAF Security Forces are authorized, at commander’s discretion to modify the standard service dress with the addition of the blue Security Forces beret, white ascots unkform the USAF logo, and white cotton gloves.

Archived copy as title link. The equestrian uniform is similar to service dress, but features white riding breeches in lieu of blue trousers. This variant was later replaced by a new short-sleeve shirt in Shadeplus a long-sleeve shirt in Shade with dark-blue Shade tie, both of which incorporated buttonable shoulder epaulette straps.

Armed Forces from the mids through Air Force Service Dress Uniform, which was initially adopted in and made mandatory on 1 Octoberconsists of a three-button coat, with silver mirror-finish “U. The uniform may be worn with either white or black gloves, at the local commander’s discretion. Archived copy as title Use dmy dates from February All articles with unsourced statements Articles with unsourced statements from November Cadets age 12—21 must only meet military grooming standards until their 18th birthday, at which time they must meet both military grooming and military weight standards.


Bandsmen, recruiters, chaplains, and fitness center staff are permitted to wear the Air Force “informal uniform” while on duty. Cadet enlisted uniforms also differ in rank placement, with collar pins instead of the sewn sleeve chevrons traditionally worn by enlisted Air Force members.

However, as a matter of practicality for daily regulatons, particularly in warm weather climates, USAF personnel will typically wear the short-sleeve or long-sleeve Shade light blue shirt for men or short-sleeve or long-sleeve light blue blouse for women as an outer garment, with or without a tie or tie tab, with applicable rank insignia, speciality badges and a rehulations plastic name tag ribbons are optional.

Archived from the original on 29 September A short-lived “ceremonial blue” uniform and “ceremonial white” uniform was also implemented in the mids and discontinued by 1 August and 1 March respectively.

Uniforms of the United States Air Force

Air Force personnel were allowed to wear their old Army World War Two pattern uniforms and rank insignia until July, A variety of alternate outer garments are also authorized for this uniform combination such as blue pullover sweater, blue cardigan sweater, lightweight blue jacket, or brown leather A-2 flight jacket A-2 flight jacket wear is limited to aeronautically rated officers, enlisted aircrew, and officer and enlisted missile operations personnel only.

As with the U. Provisions are also included for authorized wear on certain occasions by honorably retired career members of the Air Force.


Archived from the original on 3 March Cadets and officer trainees wear insignia on their shoulder boards as applicable to their pre-commissioning rank position in their respective officer accession programs. Cadets at the United States Air Force Academy are also authorized a unique, institutionally-authorized parade dress uniform consisting of blue-grey waistcoats worn with white trousers, and white peaked hats. Archived from the original on 17 November Retrieved 15 November In the case of the Air Force, subdued brown insignia on a tan background was worn on the DCU, with the exception of black officer rank insignia for 1st Lieutenants and Lieutenant Colonels.

Retrieved 24 September On 14 MayThe U.

Cadet Regulations | Air Force ROTC

Retrieved 10 Jun CAP distinctive markings include gray “soft rank” shoulder loop insignia for CAP officers for use with the duty uniform, as opposed to the similar dark blue “soft rank” shoulder loops of Air Force officers. Senior Members age 18 and older may only wear Air Force style uniforms if they meet military grooming and slightly modified military weight standards.

Footwear in this modification consists of bloused, spider-laced, black boots. Retrieved 1 January Service departments Department of Defense Secretary: Women’s service dress uniforms are similar in color and style to the men’s service dress uniforms, but can also include additional articles including a skirt, stockings, and women’s style flight cap. The jacket is blue with white piping and a reflective inverted chevron across the chest and back. Archived from the original PDF on 20 October

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