Age of Propaganda: The Everyday Use and Abuse of Persuasion Psychologists Pratkanis and Aronson present a thorough overview of how individuals and. AGE OF PROPAGANDA. The Everyday Use and Abuse of Persuasion. REVISED EDITION ANTHONY R. PRATKANIS and ELLIOT ARONSON University of. Anthony R. Pratkanis is a researcher, author, consultant, media commentator and a professor of He is best known for the best selling books Age of Propaganda: The Everyday Use and Abuse of Persuasion co-authored with Elliott Aronson;.

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I bought this book after Ramit Sethi’s recommendation on the Tim Ferris podcast. The fear induced must be substantial and also provide action items to help one get out of such fear.

Highly readable and highly recommended. It would also be helpful to repeat key phrases often.

The book closes by sharing ways to avoid malicious types of persuasion: Pratkanis is an amateur magician and a member of the International Brotherhood of Magicians and the Society of American Magicians. Feb 18, Ryan rated it liked it Shelves: To wrap this up, I have picked up quite a few techniques.

The Everyday Use and Abuse of Fo, 2nd ed.


Age of Propaganda : Anthony Pratkanis :

Lastly, when it comes to delivery, decide to use the one-sided or two-sided. Jul 10, Ben rated it liked it. Very good read – and funny too. His research program has investigated such topics as the delayed effects of persuasion, attitudes and memory, groupthink, affirmative action, subliminal ave, mass communications, source credibility, persuasion and democracy, economic fraud, the use of influence in international co Anthony R.

Age of Propaganda: The Everyday Use and Abuse of Persuasion

Our Age of Propaganda. Selected pages Title Page.

Easy to read and very entertaining. This was the 3rd book about persuasion from this year’s list of 52 Books of Titans books.

Saddam Hussein The Hitler of Baghdad? Looking for beautiful books? Read, highlight, and take notes, across web, tablet, and phone.

Setting the Stage for Effective Influence. Pratkanis has consulted for civic groups, government and law enforcement agencies, regulatory bodies and the United States Military. Unlike many sources which illuminate One of the most useful books I’ve read.

Anthony Pratkanis – Wikipedia

Contents Our Age of Propaganda. By using our website you agree to our use of cookies. Defiantly recommend the book to open your eyes for deceiving persuasion The book is virtually balanced in terms of handling the propaganda concept and practices; it looks at propaganda not only as a cleaver deception played from the politicians but also played in every day social activities advertisers, preachers, organizations pratkaniw and so forth. More a scholarly read than entertaining, but highly informative.


Pay attention to the communication style of the people you interact with. A good book to send and to come back to again and again. Ask such things as: Many of the persuasion techniques and studies I was familiar with, though I did learn some things and took notes.

Tell people it is the only one of its kind. Mar 19, MM rated it liked it. In Pratkanis graduated from Eastern Mennonite College with a Bachelor of Science in psychology, sociology and social work.

It also shows how detrimental these pratkani can be to personal relationships, medicinal care, the justice system and even international relations. Dec 06, Erik Rostad rated it liked it Shelves:

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