Add to cart. Gift List. Scarab Occult Terminators kr. Add to cart. Gift List. Magnus the Red kr. Add to cart. Gift List. Exalted Sorcerers kr. Add to cart. Ahriman: Exile was an amazing book and his follow up, Ahriman: Sorcerer is no different. What is it about this book that was so great?. Loremasters, today we dive into the history of Ahzek Ahriman, the greatest Sorcerer of the Thousand Sons!.

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It was Amon’s intent to see the suffering of his Legion ended, for he would undo the fell magic of the Rubric that had doomed his former Battle-Brothers to their unlife, so that he could release their srocerer souls. After killing the majority of The Harrowing’s leaders, Ahriman was confronted by Tolbek.

Ahriman: Sorcerer

Why do I still give it three stars? What is it about this book that was so great? Set some time after the events of Ahriman: Daemons poured through the hole that had been the sun, tumbling onto the mausoleum world like falling stars. Following the end of the 13th Black Crusade, Ahriman’s star is once again on the rise with the Thousand Sons’ Daemon Primarch Magnus the Redmostly due to the great chaos caused by his battles against the Eldar within the Webway, the prowess he displayed in capturing Inquistor Czevak, and the extraordinary knowledge and ability required to even come close to entering the fabled Black Library.

Dec 20, M. To Ahriman the Council of Nikaea felt more like a trial of the Thousand Sons, and his sense of angry betrayal and disillusion at the turn of events was made all the more keen by the fact that the first person to step forth and accuse the Thousand Sons of malign practices was his supposed ally and colleague, Othere Wyrdmake.

At last, Ahriman held the skull of Lepidus in his hand, as the battle between men and daemons raged around him. The final installment in the series is set to come out later this year and they even just released a sneak preview of it on the Warhammer App. Despite Amon’s best efforts, Ahriman managed to discover his former brother’s location and infiltrate his fleet. Amon would fight for his people and his home. As the home system of the Space Wolves is being overrun by daemons, nine Silver Towers appear in the skies above Fenris.


Ahriman, greatest sorcerer of the Thousand Sons and architect of the Rubric that laid his Legion low, continues to walk the path towards salvation, or damnation.

The Luna Wolves, besides themselves with grief and the fear that their beloved Primarch would ahrimn, agreed to the suggestion, despite its direct violation of the creeds of the Imperial Truth. Because of this early political alliance, Ahriman’s tribes were largely spared the horrors of the atomic wars and proto-Astartes invasions of the Unification Wars period.

Amon was amongst those who had joined Ahriman’s breakaway cabal, those who had always been the most headstrong and those with the most psychic power in the XV Legion. When he is not thinking of ways that dark and corrupting beings could destroy reality and space, John enjoys talking about why it would be a good idea So sacred and revered was Dianaxis that a dozen Space Marine Chapters maintained honour guards and bastions on its surface.

Heaps of charred bones, the serene bodies of Imperial martyrs, and the polished skulls of Space Marines all came to the mausoleum world. Sometime before the start sorcfrer the 13th Black Crusade in All I was hoping for an Ahriman novel.

This massive tome contained the collected knowledge of sorcery as dictated by Magnus. In the end, all in all, this was a great novel. Despite this, Ahriman still managed to strike up a friendship with the Word Bearers’ Chaplain Erebus. Sorcerer, in which the exiled Thousand Son sorcerer is still searching for knowledge, looking for a way to save his legion and repair the mistakes he has made in the past.

Others even seem just abandoned, disappearing entirely from the story towards the end. French handles it very well, with Ahriman desperately searching for the Athenaeum of Kalimakus, a lost artifact of high value to his legion. On the surface of Dianaxis, the plains of bones extended from shrine city to shrine city, and grew ever deeper with each passing year.

There, he bore witness to a nightmare vision of the future. Flames light that road, and the bones of the dead and the ashes of murdered worlds pave its course. Yet even as he gathers the tools required to make the first step on this new journey, old loyalties and ambitions drive others to bring the sorcerer low… Despite ending on a relatively high note in the previous novel, this latest book clearly establishes just how monumental a task is before him.

When their souls attempted to depart their ruined bodies, they found themselves trapped inside their armour; dead, yet still alive, without a body but unchanging for all eternity.


This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. He ordered them to do whatever it took — whatever the cost might be. Unable to pull his mind away from Ahriman, the Chaos Sorcerer caused Amon to spontaneously combust from the powerful psychic energy unleashed from the arcane spell. He assumed the mantle of leadership of the Brotherhood of Dust, including its massive fleet and army of followers. There is so much going on, even in the quiet moments that if you are splitting your attention you may miss it.

The action picks up a little.

Ahriman : Sorcerer – John French

He remains a wanderer across the galaxy, forever seeking out any knowledge that will allow him to finally grasp the greatest of all enigmas in the galaxy — the true nature of Tzeentch himself. In tribute to his own beloved sibling, Ahriman had Ohrmuzd’s prized pendant, a keepsake from their mother just like the one Ahriman wore, worked into the shoulder-guard of his Power Armour.

Having abandoned all efforts to bury himself, dying quietly in some forgotten abyss within the galaxy, his goal is now to finally mitigate his greatest failing. December 29th — Imperial Knights Dethroned. This was intended to develop Gaumon’s own psychic abilities and thus through his spread Magnus’ pro-psyker beliefs through the Imperium. sorcererr

Ahriman : Sorcerer – John French – Track of Words

One such incident is known as the Harvest ahrkman Calliope. To ask other readers questions about Ahrimanplease sign up. Retrieved from ” http: Sorcwrer by a warband of Thousand Sons Sorcerers he called the Prodigal SonsAhriman approached the planet under stealth, and used his sorcery, the aid of daemonsand the transdimensional rip caused by Rhamah to find a Webway portal to Arcadia, the Eldar Planet of Law.

Leave a comment Cancel reply. While many choose to describe Chaos as a living infection, some virulent thing which crawls between the pages, the nature here makes it cold and oddly ethereal; a theme which befits the nature of the Thousand Sons in this story. This method of storytelling seems to work very well for the members of the traitor legions in particular. It is a corpse rotting slowly from within while maggots writhe in its socerer.

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