This instruction implements Air Force Policy Directive , .. addressed in 59 MDWI , Infection Prevention and Control Program. (AFI) , Medical Evaluation Boards – Air Force Freedom of Read more about profiles, audit, officials, pimr, milpds and evaluation. Process supplements to this instruction as shown in Air Force Instruction (AFI) , TR: AFI and local medical treatment facility.

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Medical Standards for Appointment, Enlistment, and Induction: Recurrent pseudocystitis or frequent abdominal pain requiring hospitalization or steatorrhea, or disturbance of glucose metabolism requiring insulin. Flight medicine section personnel will notify the individual forcw operations sections daily by telephone, or by some other form of expeditious communication, on changes in the DNIF status of aircrew and special operational duty personnel.

Final review and disposition of each case rests with the waiver authority specified in Attachment Acute rheumatic valvulitis or sequelae of chronic rheumatic heart disease see also, valvular heart disease below. These standards are not all inclusive and other diseases or defects are cause for rejection based upon the medical judgment of the examining flight surgeon.

They must agree in writing to a medical hold. Applicants for enlistment in the Reserve or Air National Guard. ARC members must include documents as required in Paragraph 8.

Confirm positive results with electrophoresis. Stricture of the esophagus which requires an essentially liquid diet, frequent dilation and hospitalization, and causes difficulty in maintaining weight and nutrition. Command and General Staff College in partial Aeromedical issues will be addressed when and if the member requests instruftion to active flying status at a later date.

No reversible ischemic ST changes i. When requested, the medical service provides professional opinion to line or personnel authorities. BoxOklahoma City, OK The flight surgeon conducts appropriate medical examinations of foreign students enrolled in flying training courses under the SATP. The medical service does not make recommendations for medical instrutcion for entry or retention for those who fall below qualification standards imposed by personnel authorities.


Appointment or enlistment in the Air Force or its Reserve Forces.

C order of evaluation assignment

However, these documents are not required for waiver submission unless specifically requested by the waiver authority. Fodce authority is the Air Component Surgeon i. Esophagitis, persistent and severe. Raynaud’s phenomenon, if frequent, severe, associated with systemic disease or would limit worldwide assignability. Individuals determined to have primary mental deficiency or special learning defect which interferes with the satisfactory performance of duty are unsuitable and subject to administrative separation.

Ensure members who want to reenlist but have not completed a medical examination or annual medical certificate in the past 12 4-157, complete AF FormAnnual Medical Certificate.

Bite wing radiographs are accomplished at the discretion of the examining dental officer for diagnostic assistance. Manifested by frequent instruftion attacks which last for several consecutive days, and are unrelieved by treatment.

This chapter, with Attachment 10 and Attachment 12, establishes documentation and administrative management of members with duty limitations. Periodic flying and non-flying examinations as specified in Attachment 8.

In addition, the ACS maintains a copy of all medical documentation.

Separation is involuntary, or is voluntary in lieu of trial by court martial, or retirement in lieu of involuntary administrative separation. All initial categorical flying waivers; changes from one category to another; removal of a categorical restriction and previously medically disqualified rated members.

Flying Class I, IA: Medical evaluations with scope to be determined by the examining flight surgeon are required when: Completes initial Flying Class II or III, controller, air vehicle operator, or space operations crew duty examinations when a disqualifying defect is likely to receive favorable waiver consideration. These teams are extensions of the health care providers and are responsible for the delivery of preventive health services on a daily basis.


Utilizes demand forecasting to ensure sufficient open appointments to complete PHA and other additional services, e. No evidence of congestive heart failure. Members having orders for separation or retirement due to disability, who experience a significant clinical change before actual release from active duty, require revocation of orders and reprocessing of MEB. Acute medical problems, injuries, or their appropriate therapy are cause for withholding certification of initial training or temporarily restricting the individual from controller duties until the problem is resolved.

Initial medical examinations are valid as per paragraph 3.


Asthma, recurrent bronchospasm, or reactive airway disease, unless due to well defined avoidable precipitant cause. Maintain and dispose of all records created as a result of processes prescribed in this publication in accordance with AFMANRecords Disposition Schedule. Provides a listing of functional and environmental factors essential to the examination and placement of civilian workers.

Title 10, Instriction States Code, Chapter 61 rorce for disability retirement and separation. If the examination cannot be completed for reasons beyond the member’s control, the appropriate waiver authority extends certification to cover administrative processing.

When after treatment, there is infection or pathologic change anatomic or functional in the remaining kidney. If reconstruction is unsatisfactory, or if refractory symptomatic infections persist. Chronic, when symptoms persist after a reasonable time following the acute stage and there is objective evidence of impairment of liver function. Recurrent spontaneous pneumothorax when the underlying defect is not correctable by surgery.

Menopausal or premenstrual syndrome. One copy to the member’s unit.

Members sentenced to dismissal or punitive discharge by a court martial, or who are under charges which may result in such sentences, are not eligible for MEB processing.

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