Sold Airtronics RDS Manual Aircraft – General – Radio Equipment (FS/W). I brought my brand new Airtronics RDS for Show-N-Tell to the July meeting. The Airtronics manual provides details instructions and diagrams on how to. Index of /global/airtronics/Transmitter and Accessory Manuals RDS , , 10M. [ ], Radiant 6P 6H ,

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The most important aspect that this brings to the table is the fact that Spread Spectrum radios can be operated in the presence of other radios without the risk of interference.

Airtronics took a hard look at this and made the decision to simply sell the base radio, and allow the pilot to tailor it to their needs with their own choice of servos and battery. CNT Center – Changes servo neutral position. It contains much more information than I can place in our newsletter. Whether this is true or not I don’t know, but the radio felt really nice in my hands. D-EL – Dual Elevator Your RDS offers a feature that will allow you to use 2 independent channels so you can use 2 seprate servos for each elevator half.

The RDS is an 8-channel transmitter with a model memory. I have always thought that Airtronics did an excellent job writing their manuals, and the manual for the RDS is no airtronkcs. Typical thermal sailplanes airtrojics about twice as much of up travel than down travel of their ailerons in order to produce a coordinated turn. It gives it a “just get the job done” look! Airtronics has taken the time to create a radio system that will appeal to a large group of pilots, but has kept the price at a level that the wallet is sure to like.

This plane has become a bit of a test bed for reviews such as this because it’s one of my favorite planes and therefore I know very well how it handles. The black part of the wire is the coaxial leads that connect the antenna to the receiver, and the actual antennas are the clear portions of these wires. However, the RDS provides a predefined mixer for this function.


I really wish that Airtronics would correct this and give us more characters to name our planes with. While the stock receiver is quite small Airtronics currently has even smaller receivers in the works.

A common mix would be Aileron to Rudder to achieve coordinated turns without moving the rudder stick. Because of this and the fact that each manufacture uses a unique encryption of the signal and transmitter ID you cannot interchange transmitter and receivers among manufacturers.

EXP Exponential – Changes the linear movement of the servo to the relation of the stick movement. Since the actual receiver portion is quite small 1. Aritronics think that it was a great decision on the part of Airtronics to make a move such as this.

Used for flying wings.

The display for the radio is for the most part a very well designed part of the airtgonics. The height of the sticks can easily be adjusted for rds800 comfort of the user. Throughout the history of RC flying there have been changes to the radio equipment that has made dramatic and drastic changes in the way we participated in this hobby. The RDS makes programming easier by allowing you to turn sirtronics any programming screen not required.

When the box is opened up I want to give everybody a small warning as many may be shocked with what they rdx8000, or more importantly what they won’t find. REV Reverse – Reverses the servo operating direction. The RDS functionally is exactly like the RD in all respects except for the transmitting frequency. All of the menus are laid out in a drop down list style that is sorted by channel. I wouldn’t be surprised if we don’t see more manufacturers doing the same in the years to come.

Without the big antenna of older radios the balance of the radio feels a little bit different when first used, but it doesn’t take too long to get used to the new feel of these radios. But the latest advance in our equipment almost overshadows all of those previous changes combined.

AIRTRONICS RDS8000 FHSS Quick Start Manual

To document the programming of the radio the manual steps through all of the programming and gives a good description of each function. Because the receiver was already bound to the transmitter I did not have to do this for my radio, but I want to explain the process airtromics to show how simple it is to do. The radio just worked as it was designed airtronnics. STW Stopwatch – Used as a stopwatch or to countdown to a preset time.


Airtronics RDS Manual – RC Groups

The simple structure of the programming menus on the RDS are very intuitive and make it easy to quickly setup even the most complicated plane setups. Listed below are the menu items as they appear on the menu screen of the radio. RST Reset – Clears all setup data in any model to factory default settings. Placement of the antennas within the model seems to be of critical importance in the 2.

I knew that the first thing I needed to do when I got home was to get online and order some more receivers for my other planes!

Airtronics RDS GHz FHSS Radio

I must admit that at first this was a little shocking for me. In addition, with many electric planes out there today the radio will be powered from the ESC Electronic Speed Controlwhich is driven by the main battery for the motor, and in cases such as res8000 the pilot doesn’t even require a battery to be shipped with the radio.

But this brings up one of my biggest complaints about this radio which actually goes back to the older RD and RD radios. The manual separately explains helicopter and airplane programming.

This includes the single drawback to the Airtronics transmitters. The Spoilron function is normally used with sailplanes.

Fly any time with confidence. After arriving at the field I setup and prepped my plane to fly. The RDS is equipped with a trim tab for the 4 major axis of control on the sticks of the radio, which are throttle, rudder, elevator, and ailerons.

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