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Lord Ajitanatha Mathura Chaurasi. Shanti Stotra Jain Stawan Darshan. Laghu Shanti Strot Male Singer: Views Read Edit View history. Tirthankara possibly AjitanathaIndia, Southern Rajasthan, c.

Highly esteemable Lord, I have thus prayed to you ajithsanti the heart flowing with devotion; hence Omniscient Parshwa Lord, bestow the wisdom to me in every life.

Like us on Facebook:. Also press the notification bell to get notified about new uploads! Anuradha Paudwal Music Director: This powerful stotra is spoken everyday, especially in the beginning of all Mahapujans and Vidhi Vidhaan with different mudraas. The Yajurveda mentions the name of Ajitanatha, but the meaning is not clear.


Chalo aaj milkar unka stotra padhe, aapke sab kasht door ho jayenge. Kalyan kari sadhna the track is from the akitshanti tirth’s grabh sanskar sadhna audio cd made by the quidance of P.

Connect with us on: Stogra I recorded with ajitshsnti friend Ameya Naik a long time ago. Ethics of Jainism Sallekhana. This page was last edited on 27 Decemberat As a boy who grew up in a traditional family of Rigved Pandits, I have heard this many times. Wikimedia Commons has media related to Ajitanatha. If one always holds in his neck the charm of Visaharfulling, his evil planetary effects, disease, epidemics and acute fever are calmed down.

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Come and Get Your Love – Redbone. Laghu Shanti Strot Male Singer: No registration is needed. Yakini mahtra sunoo shree haribhadra suri m. I bow to Lord Parshwanath, who is attended by the distress removing Parshwa deity, who is free from all types of Karma, who is the destroyer of the poisonous defilements and who is the abode of bliss and well being.

The darkness disappears with the rise of the sun. Ethics Ethics of Jainism Sallekhana.

Navkar Mahamantra | Om Namo Arihantanam | Jain Stavan | Radhika Jain

When Gautam Swami, realized this and got rid of all his passions, he attained omniscience. It is only that xtotra true devotee can reach God.


Lyrics by the great Aadi Shankaracharya. Ravindra Jain Check out our website: Kedar Pandit Composed By: Anuradha Paudwal Album Name: Namokar Mantra Dhuni D Singer: Footprint at Ajitnath Tonk, Shikharji. This composition is specially devoted to first Tirthnakar Bhagwan Adinath or Rushabhdev. This powerful stotra is spoken everyday, especially in the beginning of all Mahapujans and Vidhi Vidhaan with different mudraas.

Ajitshanti stotra – jain stavan download

He attained kevala jnana under the sal tree and Moksha on chaitra-shukla-panchmi fifth day of the bright half of the month of Chaitra from Shikharji.

Beautiful Jain Stotra after a short but lucid commentary. Shree Bhaktamar Stotra Singer: Buy this album online. Thus, his life teaches us that one should always respect those who are spiritually and religiously more advanced than us.

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