Blissful Light offers a wide range of distant attunements to assist you as you achieve your healing, self-empowerment and wellbeing goals. The Akashic Records Maintenance Attunement aims to maintain cleansed Akashic Records to reduce unnecessary suffering, boost spiritual. Akashic is Sanskrit for “primary substance”. The Records have been referred to by different names such as: The Book of Life, the Cosmic Mind, the Universal.

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After an attunement, you can expect to see the world with new eyes. Vidya Sury on January 7, at 5: Aileen Kaizen Vision on January 9, rexords 2: Angela, Thank you so much for sharing and offering me the opportunity to guest post for the wonderful PBI community! Julie Barrett, intuitive, is a teacher of spiritual development, signs and synchronicity. Even though intuition is open to everyone, there are certain ways of accessing that information that are passed down from person to person.

Wouldn’t it be great if you could just ask an Angel why something has occurred in your life? If any of you were on the fence with taking part in this program, and are a huge fan of self healing and helping others, definitely get yourself signed up the next time she offers this course!

Spiritual Connection & The Attunement Process

You want to know the impact of past lives upon you today. You can meet your guides on your own, recordz you cannot give yourself an attunement. Her specialty is soul level healing and transformation with the Akashic Records.


It is this energy vibration that translates into images, forms, symbols, imagery, and language that the mind can understand. In the vast sea of the Universal Collective Consciousness, or Akashic Records, there exists the record of everything that has ever occurred. There are two 60 minute calls included with this program, one per month. Tired of Vague Intuition?

Within 4 months, Michael led me to the Aksshic Records. Please enable JavaScript on your browser to best view this site. More about Felicia here. Payment plan available online With practice you may receive spiritual guidance, discover the impact your past lives have on your current life and much more besides. You may think that you don’t need healing right now, or that the timing isn’t right, but how many times have you allowed Fear of Change or Procrastination stop you in the past?

This is where you have the opportunity to see, hear, feel and communicate directly with them. I left a high paying corporate job one day, with no plan for the future.

Share with us in the comments. It’s too expensive – When you consider the long term costs of consulting other healers and psychics attunnement answer your most important questions, this investment is so minimal – plus, I have recordds great payment plan and a 30 day money back guarantee.

Near Death Experiences and Spiritual Transformation. It is the universal filing system which records all thoughts, words, and action. That’s the first step. For some people this may be a quick process; for others, practice will be required. This guide has been present but lain dormant until such time as you hear the call as a healer or teacher who is meant to do intuitive work redords others.


It happened the moment I was attuned.

The Akashic Records Attunement

It is this energy vibration that translates into images, forms, symbols, imagery, and language that the mind can understand. I will though send out an email just before I begin the session and when it has been successfully performed.

How does one find somebody to do that for them? It is one thing for someone to tell you that Spirit Guides really exist, but it is quite another thing to have your own personal experience! How the process of attunement works Typically, an attunement is done through a guided meditation. Why attunement is needed An attunement brings you into a universal structure or language that has been used for centuries.

If you are unable to make it live, the calls will be recorded and uploaded to your account.

Empower yourself This is not about control! Redords seems to me that we decide who we want to come through and how we want to perceive it.

In this course, i’m teaching you how to hear and how to take action in your life. An attunement brings you into a universal structure or language that has been used for centuries.

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