Alain Badiou is a Platonist, and it is important to keep this in mind when reading the political writings assembled in Polemics. This substantial. Alain Badiou. European Graduate School. Follow. Abstract. PT. 1. PHILOSOPHY AND CIRCUMSTANCES: Introduction — Philosophy and the question of war. Following on from Alain Badiou’s acclaimed works Ethics and Metapolitics, Polemics is a series of brilliant metapolitical reflections, demolishing established .

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Teemu Taira rated it it was amazing Jan 28, Inspired by Your Browsing History. Conduct of War in Social and Political Philosophy. Deleuze and the Philosophy of Creationand Damming the Flood.

Pick of the Paperbacks. We are experiencing technical difficulties. In Praise of Disobedience. Like most left-wing intellectuals, Badiou litters his prose with horrible jargon terms like valorise, historicity and sublation. Monday 31 December The essay about The Sycophant is just brutal.

Polemics by Alain Badiou; tr by Steven Corcoran: review

On the contrary, philosophy is an affirmative, constructive alaim of thought. Macron is the name of a crisis of any politics that purports to “represent” political orientations in an electoral space. Alan Wolfe – – A. These ideas can lead to millions of violent deaths, a fact which Badiou nowhere acknowledges.


The Palestinian question he feels can never be solved as long as we pay heed to these things. Badiou’s Polemics reminds us that representative “democratic” politics is not a cuddly affair. Marcus rated it really liked it Jul 21, Theory is not exactly therapy, but it can be a means of getting one’s bearings when this is desperately needed. bsdiou

A Heroism of the Decision, a Politics of the Event

Read it Forward Read alian first. Sarah Hammerschlag – – Plemics of Chicago Press. Verso BooksMay 13, – Philosophy – pages. Account Options Sign in. You can guess that the “law” has had no part in fomenting the disorder. May 13, Pages Buy. His entire philosophical project is, in effect, an attempt to think the coming-to-be of that which is unthinkable within the representative-democratic situation – precisely, a properly communist politics from below – and to delineate an ethics of militancy which defines the human being in positive terms.

Alain Badiou is a Platonist, and it is important to keep this in mind when reading the political writings assembled in Polemics. The description of the brutally racist treatment his hadiou black son has often received from the Paris police makes for shocking reading.


But in a situation of general police action, there is, I suggest, perhaps no better well at which to quench one’s thirst than the writings of Alain Badiou.

Kafkasfriend rated it po,emics liked it Jul 29, Discovery, Invention, and the Uses of Error. Max Weber – – Cambridge University Press.

Organize your communities; but read and think deeply, and as if your lives depended on it. Again, it is bitingly funny, but also effectively disembowels the various “justifications” for the law. This polwmics tells the story of the men and women of Fighter Command who worked tirelessly in air bases scattered throughout Britain to thwart the Nazis.

Polemics – Alain Badiou – Google Books

The Foundation ofUniversalism translated byRay Brassier. With the critical insight and polemical bravura for which he is renowned, Badiou considers the relationships bqdiou language, judgment and propaganda—and shows how propaganda has become the dominant force.

Cameron Cannon rated it really liked it Dec 24,

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