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The successful performance of a model predictive profile controller is demonstrated in simulations and experiments on the TCV tokamak, employing a profile controller test environment. These transitions are associated with large exchanges of energy between the modes corresponding to instabilities and zonal flows.

Reveille Toi

For two different Ne seeding rates and two different D puffing gas levels the heating power, P heatis in the range 22— Then, it is shown that the maximum normalized ZF growth rate is reduced by the presence of fully ionized non-trace light impurities with relatively flat density profile, and slightly reduced by highly ionized trace tungsten, while the maximum normalized ZF growth rate can be enhanced by fully ionized non-trace light impurities with relatively steep density profile.

It is revealed that the EAM potential can reproduce correctly the magnitude of the interaction of H with both dislocations as compared to the ab initio results. Non-uniformity effects of the edge radial electric field, E ron edge transport barrier ETB formation have been identified with high-spatiotemporal resolution spectroscopic measurement.

A tol reduction of the inferred ion thermal transport coefficient in the pedestal region,due to the non-uniformity effects of E r was also confirmed quantitatively in the H-mode plasma at the initial ELM-free phase. Thus, this model is especially suitable for the global particle simulation of high-frequency physical processes such as lower hybrid waves and waves in the ion cyclotron range of frequencies.


Understanding and accurately predicting the L-H power threshold is critical to accessing to H-mode, and operating and achieving high confinement in burning plasmas such as ITER.

Experiments using neon impurity seeding show a promising capability in 3D particle and heat flux control on EAST. The controller exploits the knowledge of the time-varying actuator limits in the actuator input calculation itself such that fast reveilel between targets are achieved without overshoot.

The measurements show significant quadratic non-linear contributions and also the absence of cubic and higher order components. Abstract In the first campaign Wendelstein 7-X was operated with five poloidal graphite limiters installed stellarator symmetrically. At higher densities, when the electrostatic field is comparable to the antenna RF fieldthe ionization frequency allam the maximum. Moreover, the increase in plasma current leads to the inward movement of GAEs.

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Reveille toi, a song by Alam on Spotify

The self mode coupling of the low n modes induces the core crush and transports the plasma from the core region to the peripheral region. As an example, a low fusion power design at We have carried out systematic first-principles total energy and vibration spectrum calculations to investigate the finite-temperature H dissolution behaviors in tungsten and molybdenum, which are considered promising candidates for the first wall in nuclear fusion reactors.

These scaling laws, including radiated fractions, extrapolate quite differently to ITER, tok therefore they require serious consideration.

In a completely new development, this technique is combined with the concept of geodesic distance on Gaussian manifolds so as to tii into account the error bars in the measurements and provide more reliable models. Even though the paper mainly considers the CER, the contents are general and relevant to any Rogowski sensor. Ala, result of the counter current rotation of strike points splitting is consistent with the counter-current EHO.

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By continuing to use this site you agree to our use of cookies. The achievable plasma current was limited by the maximum tol toroidal field of TST It describes methodologies that were developed in order to assess the capabilities of the Continuous External Rogowski CERwhich measures the total toroidal current in the ITER machine.


The physics of the near SOL is investigated in TCV with two series of experiments featuring deuterium and helium plasmas, in which the plasma current, density and elongation have been varied. A high plasma current of 54 kA was non-inductively ramped up and sustained stably for 0. The same exposures were repeated in hydrogen H to allow a direct comparison of the role of the ion species on the thermal shock resistance.

Maggi and JET Contributors. Numerical a,am are performed with field line tracing.

Resonant-type magnetic braking was achieved by phasing fields, accompanied by strong density pump-out and confinement degradation, and explained by excitation of kink response captured by ideal plasma response calculation.

An expression for ZF growth rate with impurities is derived by balancing the ZF potential shielded by polarization effects and the ZF modulated radial turbulent current. The 0 phasing fields achieved quiescent magnetic braking without density pump-out and confinement degradation, which is consistent with vacuum and ideal plasma response analysis predicting deeply penetrating 3D fields without an excitation of strong kink response.

Abstract This overview covers recent developments in the theory of runaway electrons in tokamaks. The blocks oti exposed at an oblique angle between and with respect to the plasma beam, approaching the low angle of incidence expected in the ITER divertor strike-point regions.

Abstract In inboard-limited plasmas, the scrape-off layer SOL shows two regions: The parallel field gradients account for the existence of different orbit topologies qlam energetic particles.

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