In his seminal lecture “Is Patriotism a Virtue?” Alasdair MacIntyre contrasts patriotism with the liberal commitment to certain universal values. He notes that Alasdair MacIntyre has given a defense of patriotism: MacIntyre’s argument (in his Lindley Lecture, “Is Patriotism a Virtue?. the nature of a more sophisticated patriotism comes from Scottish philosopher Alasdair MacIntyre, in an essay titled “Is Patriotism a Virtue?”.

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This new, emphatically political version of patriotism has been met with both sympathy and skepticism. We also speak of gratitude to large and impersonal entities — our school, profession, or even our country — but that seems to be an abbreviated way of referring to gratitude to particular persons who have acted on behalf of these entities.

Instead, he would seek to make sure that the country lives up to moral requirements and promotes moral values, both at home and internationally. And some human beings will adopt ends that are at odds with their own nature: But however egocentric, irrational, asinine, surely it qualifies as patriotism. Coolby “Toy” Pamplonei rated it it was amazing Sep 08, Find it on Scholar.

It will therefore be judged morally unobjectionable by all except some adherents of a strict type of cosmopolitanism.

We owe our country our life, our education, our language, and, in the most fortunate cases, our liberty. The latter type of patriotism need not conflict with impartial justice or common human solidarity.

Alessandro Ferrara – – European Journal of Philosophy 2 3: We must remember this is the same MacIntyre who says: Alex Riedel marked it as to-read Jul 25, If I can live and flourish as a moral agent only as a member of my community, while playing the role this membership involves, then my very identity is bound up with that of my community, its history, traditions, institutions, and aspirations.

This leads MacIntyre to conclude that patriotism is not to be contrasted with morality; it is rather a central moral virtue, indeed the patiotism of morality. Yaira Macintyrf marked it as to-read May 27, Your summary lends itself to a nature vs nurture provocation. Debating the Limits of PatriotismBoston: For example, we are often more concerned about the structures of the tax systems in our own communities than in other communities, such as Afghanistan or Zambia.


They may give me dispositions that are at odds with my humanity and hence my happiness.

Sign in Create an account. It has no positive moral significance. He cannot say alasvair good faith: If she were to deny that citizens generally have such an obligation, would that betray lack of understanding of what citizenship in the relevant sense is?

MacIntyre – Is Patriotism a Virtue?

Likewise with the serial killer who has ceased to be human. Other Internet Resources [Please contact the author with suggestions.

While moral philosophers debate the standing of patriotism as an instance of the problem of reconciling universal moral considerations with particular attachments and loyalties, political theorists are primarily interested in patriotism as an ethos of the well-ordered polity and an antidote to nationalism.

Part of what it is to be a citizen is to incur special obligations: Wait what does that even have to do with anything I wrote? MasonMason goes on to claim: If so, this type of patriotism would seem to involve the rejection of such basic moral notions as universal justice and common human solidarity. Patriots will find this account of their love of and loyalty to their country alien to what they feel patriotism is all about.

These benefits are made possible by cooperation of those who live in the country, participate in the enterprise, owe and render allegiance to the polity.

Feser is the go to man on telos, but not so much on science. Problem is that we — people of the earth — may have a problem agreeing to what exactly the ends defined by our humanity might be, beyond perhaps empty generalizations that poorly serve as the unambiguous basis of globally shared ethics. Brady marked it as to-read Dec 08, But when a country is not ethnically homogeneous, or when a nation lacks a country of its own, the two may part ways.

Aravind Raamkumar marked it as to-read Jan 31, Largely in response to MacIntyre, some philosophers have defended constrained or deflated versions of patriotism BaronNathansonPrimoratz Singer, Peter,One World: Unless a new, more convincing case for patriotism can be made, we have no good reason to think that patriotism is a moral duty.


Monireh Sadat is currently reading it Jul 29, We can not assign human freedom in the form of an ontological category because it is rapidly becoming apparent the world is not and never will be in any way for-us, our pitiful existence pales in comparison with its vast expanse, our consciousness is in many ways very similar to a rock lying on a windy plain being carved away by its environment, before whatever life or process follows each of us is inevitably vaporized by the expanding sun.

Ethical commitments should be to emancipation for every person in the world unconditionally, as long as we are willing to admit we could have also been born in to any existing form of human subjugation, and with much larger odds than being born in to some decaying American suburb.

Patriotism has had a fair number of critics. An Argument for Unpatriotic Patriotism.


Its adherent will show special concern for his akasdair and compatriots, but that will not prevent him from showing concern for other countries and their inhabitants. All four types of patriotism reviewed so far seek to defend and promote what might be termed the worldly, i. Whether we have a moral duty to obey the laws of our country is one of the central issues in modern political philosophy, discussed under the heading wlasdair political obligation. This need not macinytre the community as a whole or any political unit, however.

Yale University Press, His complicity is lesser and the blame to be laid at his door is lesser too — but he still bears some moral responsibility and deserves some moral blame on that account.

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