The ALC is an bit, full duplex AC’97 compatible stereo audio CODEC designed for PC multimedia systems, including host/soft audio and AMR/CNR. Description, AC’97 Audio Codec. Company, Realtek Semiconductor Corporation. Datasheet, Download ALC datasheet. Quote. Find where to buy. Quote. Avance Logic, Inc. ALC AVANCE LOGIC, INC. SINGLE CHIP SIX CHANNEL AC’97 AUDIO CODEC ALC 1. Features.

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Note that the 3D bit in the general purpose register bit 13 must be set to 1 to enable this function. Each step in bit 6 corresponds to a magnification of 20dB increase in volume.

The clock source is For this reason, when 6th bit is written by 1, it is equivalent to writing low 5-bit with 1. Bit Type Function 15 Reserved datsheet Not yet ADC Status 1: Cold, Warm and Register reset which listed below: Power down Mixer Vref off PR2 0: Low to high transition default 1: And there is no gain for MX Write 1 to clear this status bit.


Each step on the left and right channels correspond to 1. The ALC will return any uninstalled bits or registers with 0 for the read operation. Locked by hardware 0: Stereo output with 5-bit volume control.

Writing 1xxxxx will be interpreted as x and respond when read with x as well. EAPD output low enable external amplifier 1: Always read as 0.

REALTEK – Download english datasheets for Realtek ALC

The GPIOx is internally pulled high by a weak resistor. The 3D stereo enhancement function provides for a deeper and wider sound experience with a potential 6-speaker arrangement.

The ALC CODEC provides two pairs of stereo outputs with independent volume controls, a mono output, and multiple stereo and mono inputs, along with flexible mixing, gain and mute functions to provide a complete integrated audio solution for PCs. slc650

Combined rise or fall plus flight times are provided for worst case scenario modeling purpose. This register used to control the master volume of surround output. Bit Type Function The written data is ignored.


Set GPIO0 as input pin. Not yet DAC Status dataheet The 6th bit implementation is optional. Bit 8 controls the mic selector. Sample Frequency in channel status GPIO0 is driven high by external device input.

This register used to control the master volume of LFE and center output. Drive GPIO0 slc650 high. Register Write register indexed 00h Reset all registers to their default values.


MX38 is the master volume control of surround output. Drive GPIO0 as low. GPIO1 is driven high by external device input. S-OUT is the real surround output. This register is used to adjust the sample rate. For example, writing 1xxxxx will read back

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