SS7 – An Overview. Page 1. Contents. Signaling types Out of Band Signaling Common Channel Signaling SS7 Layers A IN Call flow using the SS7 Backbone. Signaling System 7 (SS7) is an architecture for performing out-of-band signaling in support of the call-establishment, billing, routing, and information-exchange. Example of SS7 protocol (ISUP) and related attacks. ▫ SS7 and IP: the SIGTRAN evolution and problems . Proprietary stacks (NSN, Alcatel, Huawei, ).

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In the intelligent network IN or advanced intelligent network AINSignaling System Alcatrl 7 SS7 is the signaling protocol for the telecommunications network which is transmitted over 56 or 64 Kbps data links.

With the offering of new services, often multiple database queries transmitted on links in SS7 network 46 are required xlcatel complete a call. A message transfer part layer 3 API library may be provided for applications who wish to directly access the message transfer part service primitives.

SS7 platform manageralso shown in FIG. Methods alcate systems for communicating SS7 messages over packet-based network using transport adapter layer interface. Data link and physical layer process provides the message transfer part layer 3 process with either a narrowband or broadband signaling link.

The high speed signaling network, as set forth in claim 1, wherein the plurality of advanced intelligent network nodes comprises a signal transfer point.

SS7 Signalling Protocol – Alcatel Unleashed

SS7 platform manager configures the system from configuration fileswhich are read upon start-up of broadband SS7 platform A high speed signaling network includes a high speed transport virtual circuit network, and a plurality of advanced intelligent network nodes coupled to the high speed transport virtual circuit network via a plurality of high speed links transporting signaling data.

Node supporting links having the ability to transfer longer messages than according to current MTP level 2. Service control point may be coupled to network by an electrical facility DS-1 or E1 or an optical facility OC-3 or STM-1 link set using asynchronous transfer mode signaling to transport SS7. In this scheme, the broadband asynchronous transfer mode transport does not use point-to-point physical connections, but virtual circuits, whether they may be switched or permanent.

Methods and systems for communicating SS7 messages over packet-based network using transport adapter layer interface TALI. Method and apparatus for integrated services digital network user part ISUP signaling loopback. Systems and method for transporting multiple protocol formats in a lightwave communication network. The increasing traffic volume of the telecommunications network coupled with new intelligent service offerings result in a bulky SS7 network which may become a troublesome bottleneck that can negatively impact the network’s ability to route calls and provide services.


Methods and alcafel for aocatel operating status information within a converged network. A plurality of customer premises equipment 38 are coupled to service switching points Signal transfer points are coupled to network by optical link sets which may transport asynchronous transfer mode OC-3 or STM-1 format signals. Broadband ISDN user part process interfaces with message transfer part process with message transfer part service primitives instead of using the services of SCCP.

An SS7 link set may include up to sixteen signaling data links. System and method for transporting SS7 signaling over broadband asynchronous transfer mode links. The narrowband signaling link configuration is provided through SS7 message transfer part layers 1 and 2. New services, such as local number portability, require a per-call query and response with a network database.

Year of fee payment: The signal transfer point performs the message transfer protocol MTP routing, management functions for the SS7 user layers and the SCCP signaling connection control part functions.

A high speed signaling network, comprising: Methods and systems for managing status audit messages in a gateway routing node. These new services are likely to drive current data links to full capacity and introduce additional call set-up delays using the sw7 speed data links used in today’s network. Further, any alcatrl within a link set may be dynamically loaded with the total capacity of the facility bandwidth to any level of occupancy of alcztel virtual channel so long as the total facility bandwidth has not been exceeded by the total usage of all available channels.

The interface alcate, the two layers consists of a set of primitives. The SS7 network is integral to call control functions.

Within the virtual path the facility is allocated into multiple virtual channels. Although the present invention and its advantages alcahel been described in detail, it should be alxatel that various mutations, changes, substitutions and alterations can be made therein without departing from the spirit and scope of the invention as defined by the appended claims.

The signal transfer points are typically arranged in pairs to provide signaling redundancy for service switching points and for service control points in a typical SS7 network architecture. Broadband SS7 platform provides narrowband signaling links by integrating message transfer part layer 3 with an message transfer part layer 2 and 1 and ultimately a physical link supporting V. In a narrowband SS7 implementation, message transfer part layer 3 interfaces with a message transfer part layer 2 82 FIG.

Message transfer part 62 contains the necessary mechanism to ensure reliable transmission of functional signaling messages with maximum network availability.


akcatel Similarly, SS7 signaling link set 32 coupling mated pair sx7 transfer points 16 and 30 may become congested as queries between service control points 14 and 33 are consumed by queries between regions or across network boundaries. Methods, systems, and computer readable media for inter-message processor status sharing.

For example, SS7 link set 18 between service control point 14 and signal transfer point 16 may be a bottleneck for transporting database queries originating from multiple central offices. Data link and physical layer delivers the message transfer part layer 3 messages. Distributed processing architechture for control of broadband and narrowband communications networks.

Data link and physical layer may have three possible configurations in broadband SS7 platform depending on whether it supports narrowband, broadband signaling links, or both.

The virtual path connection is defined based on the interpretation of the higher layer SS7 message transfer protocol MTP-3 that includes a destination point code which identifies the physical location of the termination point of the signaling path. Method and system for mapping packet service categories to asymmetric digital subscriber line latency paths.

One of the primary characteristics of broadband SS7 messages is the longer message size bytes versus bytes.

Alcatel Unleashed

As specified by industry standards, the link sets in the asynchronous transfer mode SS7 network may have up to 16 links, and load balancing between alcateo 16 links in a link set may be performed with known techniques in the art. Message processing begins in message transfer part layer 3 Connection identification in transmission system of wireless telecommunication network over ATM protocol stack.

The method, as set forth in claim 10, further comprising the step of converting DS-0 circuit-based SS7 signaling data to packet-based asynchronous transfer mode signaling data. Methods, systems, and computer readable media for managing the flow of signaling traffic entering alcarel signaling system 7 SS7 based network.

Organizing, managing, and selectively distributing routing information in a signaling message routing node. System and method for transporting ss7 signalling over broadband asynchronous transfer mode links. Methods and systems for providing converged network management functionality in a gateway routing node. For a better understanding of wlcatel present invention, reference may be made to the accompanying drawings, in which:.

The high speed signaling network, aclatel set forth in claim 1, wherein the plurality of high speed links comprise asynchronous transfer mode multi-channel transmission facilities.

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