Complete summary of Alice Munro’s Wild Swans. eNotes plot summaries cover all the significant action of Wild Swans. “Wild Swans” Alice Munro. “Flo said to watch out for White Slavers.” The opening line. There’s Flo with her tales of abuse and mistreatment, with. Wild Swans has 1 rating and 0 reviews: Blank x Wild Swans. by. Alice Munro Swans, please sign up. Be the first to ask a question about Wild Swans .

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There is a flatness to the telling, an ordinariness that hints to the reader that not only Rose got up to such shenanigans, but that all kinds of girls actually did all kinds of such things. It’s only on reflection that you see the complexity of their construction, where gossip is overlaid with interpretation larded with commentary, prompting further interpretation and so on. Left without information, Rose is at the mercy of her own ignorance; Flo is, in fact, with her easy stories and vivid opinions, a kind of white slaver herself, given that she distorts human experience by giving only the lurid warnings and nothing else.

Wild Swans by Alice Munro

This shows that Munro does not attempt to develop many different characters in her stories, but simply focuses on one so that more detail can be applied.

She has thus been referred to as “the Canadian Chekhov. I looked at the paper.

Euphemia takes her date, Bob Marks, to the house where she grew up. The story is very frightening to a twenty-first century reader. Care to join in?

Notify me of new comments via email. Wanting to be knight to her damsel in distress, Patrick begins to spend time with her, and they grow closer and become engaged. It is late, and Carl has not yet returned from work: Does Munro mean any connection here? Or is it at the other end of the spectrum, far away from luck? Rose enjoys the acquisition of power.


She tells him the story of her father watching her mother burning inheritance money, and says he let her do it because he loved her.

Athletic Analytics: Alice Munro’s Characters Go Soul-Searching

Munro also lacked opportunity and the culture offered her little guidance, but she endured. One way to take that story and with Munro, there are always multiple ways to take a story is the way a woman can be completely distracted from the difficult task of writing by marriage and children, and then, subsequently, be distracted by the getaways from marriage and children — parties abd alcohol and sex and new partners and escape.

Flo herself, though older than Rose, also invents sexual experiences, though not her own. Which reminds me of Rose saying nothing as the little man molests her.

They lack direction, guidance, and opportunity. Skip to content This post may serve as a study guide for various Munro stories. The morning after he proposes, Rose is distressed, and arrives at his apartment in tears, energetically arguing that she does not want to marry him.

A Munro story often begins with an experience that incites a memory Walbert This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Flo makes a fuss, suggests that the vendor smell the milk, enlists the support of passengers who are affronted by the carelessness. December 25th, 0 Comments. Pounded, pleasured, reduced, exhausted”. An analog to this anxiety about problems with money is Sheila Warburton”s fear of her husband being mugged in the city.

Melissa marked it as to-read May 07, Ever after, she is able to summon sexuality, regardless of husband or lovers — regardless, I think, of anything they have done or not done.

We know that Hake is worried about money, and that he hasn”t told his wife about their financial troubles. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. The story is funny, it is strange, it is provoking, it is frightening. He notes that of the 59 swans, many of them are still mates, are still mated, after all this time, still true and full of passion and beauty. That was one of the problems — why I couldn’t write novels, I never saw things hanging together any too well.


The story is an echo of the title story in The Lives of Girls and Womenthe one in which Del, a young teen, positively seeks the sexual attentions of an older single man, which leads to a sordid episode with the man.

December 26th, 0 Comments. As I was walking away from the house, a police car drew up beside me, and a patrolman I knew cranked down the window and asked, muhro are you doing out at this time of night, Mr.


Sixty thousand dollars of medicine had been taken from a warehouse in Brooklyn. After the episode on the train, Rose has put on power, she thinks. Then, finally, Hake has a coughing fit and must get out of bed.

It seems Rose might believe some portion of what Flo has said, but not enough of it to be fearful, though perhaps curiosity outweighs her anxiety.

There is also a short list of things to get for Flo. They could transform her, make her calm and slender and take the frizz out of her hair, dry her underarms and turn her complexion to pearl.

“Wild Swans” Alice Munro

While she is appalled at first, she seems to have enjoyed swanz by the time he is finished, and sporadically fantasizes about him again throughout the rest of her life. February 9th, 2 Comments. By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use. Simon — great point about Munro and trains.

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