Biography on English: .pdf Islamic Declaration on Bosnian. Donor challenge: Your generous donation will be matched 2-to-1 right now. Your $5 becomes $15! Dear Internet Archive Supporter,. I ask only. Alija IZETBEGOVlC. President th,Presidency of Bosnia and Hercegovina. ‘. A Programme for Islamization of Muslims and the Muslim Peoples. Sarajevo.

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It presents his views on Islam and modernization. Although details of Islamic political organisation are left quite vague, three republican principles of political order are deemed to be essential which are: The main idea is that the Qur’an allows modernization, but that it sets limits.

Alija Izetbegović: The Islamic Declaration, 6.39 Mb

The Islamic order can be realized only in the nations in which Muslims islamci the majority of the population. Fine noted that the SDA leadership was at that time secular, and the small number of very religious Muslims had no role in politics in In Islam, there is belief without mysticism and science without atheism.

Also, he had stated that Islam is universal and can be applied in every time, in every century, and Islam does not limit people from developing in case of education, technology, politics, and izetbegoviv on.

That way of thinking made Muslims fail many times. There is, therefore, no lay principle, and the state izettbegovic to be a reflection of and to support the moral concepts of the religion.

They are not aware and do not understand that the west gets its power from hard work, not from their life style. The kzetbegovic of the political revolution will be the democratic excerise of power by the post-reform Muslim-majority.

It is an element of the Muslim society which helps one not to feel alone and stranger in big communities, and in countries which are not Muslim populated. What do I mean by second class? Bosnia and Herzegovina was never mentioned explicitly in the text. Lebl notes the Islamist ideology in the work, relevant for Bosnian politics and society, citing examples: I would like to quote a small part of the accusing of the public prosecutor of the trial: History of the present: The essay Islamic Declaration is described by John V.


Since its foundations Islam engaged, without prejudices, in studying and gathering of knowledge inherited by previous civilizations. Fine as a ‘theoretical’ work on the question on whether Islam and an Islamic state could exist in a modern world, [1] and by Kjell Magnusson as “in terms of genre The Problem of Religion and Conflict.

Noel Malcolm states that it only referred to countries where the majority of population was practising Muslim, stating that the “entire discussion of the nature of an Islamic political system is inapplicable to Bosnia. Collins against Alija is the passage “Islamic movement must and start taking power as soon as it is morally and numerically strong enough to do so”.

Klasik, October First of all, Islamic Declaration had been written inand published in To the question, “What is a Muslim society?

Islamic Declaration

Izetbegovic sees this Union as victory of these nations against nationalism, and he says that even for small and middle size of nations, nationalism became so much expensive and luxury. It sees the need as a new brand of Muslim intellectuals, reborn in their own tradition.

Under present conditions, this desire means a struggle for creating a great Islamic federation from Morocco to Indonesiafrom the tropical Africa to the Central Asia. In one of the theses for an Islamic order today we have stated that it is a natural function of the Islamic order to gather all Muslims and Muslim communities throughout the world into one.


On this basis, it is impossible to theorize an Islamic government in Bosnia where Muslims, even only by name, are a minority.

The Islamic Declaration of Alija Izetbegovic | Betul Fatma Comert –

The work was later used against him and other pan-Islamists in a trial in Sarajevo, which resulted in a prison sentence of 14 years, but release after two years.

Izetbegovic dedlaration aimed to call people back to the real Islam by explaining them the roots, goals, and the philosophy of Islam. War and Change in the Balkans: Today, this situation did not change so much. Prior tothe book was distributed secretly. In the history of the first, and perhaps so far the only authentic Islamic order – the era of the first four caliphswe can clearly see three essential aspects of the republican principle of power: By time, that way of ruling becomes a dictatorship.

Islamic Declaration – Wikipedia

Only individuals who have been tested and trained, izetbegofic together in a sound, homogeneous organization, can win the struggle for the Islamic order and the complete reconstruction of Islamic society. The upbringing of the nation, and especially the mass media — the press, TV and film — should be in the hands of people whose Islamic moral and intellectual authority is undisputed. However, instead of doing so, we have to behave ourselves and work hard to get out from this position as Muslims.

They ignore that Islam is alij for those who wants to really understand it.

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