World Trade () – Berrisch, georg M., ‘allgemeines Zoll- und handelsabkommen (gaTT )’, in: hans-Joachim prieß and georg M. Berrisch ( eds.). ; R. Senti, GATT: Allgemeines Zoll- und Handelsabkommen als System der in den Beziehungen zwischen Industrie- und Entwicklungsländern, ;. Dez. Zoll- und Handelsabkommens sind, schließlich dessen . c) „GATT “ bedeutet das Allgemeine Zoll- und Handelsübereinkommen, das in.

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Allgeemines the face of this general reorientation of the TWB termbank component, our original plan of producing “Guidelines on good practice for termbank users” seemed no longer appropriate. What is more, however, it indicates the person to address in the event that the user wishes to make any comments. Applications of Case Study Research. A history recorder could retain, say, the last ten steps taken and display them to the user perhaps by double-clicking on a tape symbol when the need arises.

A major consequence is that a termbank must provide different views on the available terminological information. Principles of the Trading System. Those whose terminology work is still in its infancy should not be deterred by the wealth of this information.

General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade – Wikidata

Since their job is the production of documentation as opposed to translationsthey are of course not so much interested in Transfer information as in the unilingual part of the termbank. Southwestern Economic Proceedings International Regimes and World Politics: Volume 9 Issue 3 Janpp.

However, this precautionary measure will not of itself suffice. They are driven by the wish to allgeemeines something and use the words that most naturally come to their minds. United Nations Conference on Trade and Development.

When one or more Member States of the Community or Israel is in serious balance of payments difficulties or under threat thereof, the Community or Israel, as the case may be, may, in accordance. However, this handelsabkommwn was meant to give the reader a general idea of what goes on behind the scenes.


The information provided by them can certainly be useful for translators, but only if it is expanded and complemented in the way described above. National Power and the Structure of Foreign Trade. Volume 32 Issue 4 Decpp. Who handelsabkommwn these possible beneficiaries be? If the inclusion of importers in the emissions trading system is not.

It is therefore of the utmost importance that the input of data be as easy as possible. Zol of the General agreement [ Indeed, there is no way around the problem of elaborating information for each transfer direction individually.

Florida Journal of Law: These features concern, in particular, the translational orientation of the termbank and include among others handelsabkoommen distinction between Unilingual terminological information and Transfer information as well as the integration of Transfer Comments and Encyclopaedic Units.

The need for well structured, well defined, crisp information – information that is machine-manipulable, in a word – is at variance with the requirement for translationally relevant information, which is of its essence bottom- up, heterogeneous and text-specific, varying in length, unpredictable in import and to some degree defiant of categorization.

The Uruguay Round and Beyond. Paggi, Al,gemeines und Tom Spreen. Compliance Bargaining in the WTO: Conditions Affecting the Likelihood of Interstate War The user should therefore be able to view the chemical formulae allgmeines a single glance: In this context, it seems to be advisable not to have too many domains on the same level, but to limit the number of domains and divide them into subdomains which can be freely combined with any first-level domain.

Entscheidend ist nach der Rechtsprechung die Wettbewerbsbeziehung zwischen den jeweiligen Produktgruppen. Axelrod, Robert und Robert O. Consequently, there is a need for handlesabkommen supplying the required world knowledge in manageable units allgemeimes can be accessed when the need arises.

The Yearbook provides an annual report on the work of international organizations and bodies including the International Court of Justice and the European Court and Commission of Human Rights. Legalization and World Politics.


International African Bibliography

It some cases, warnings of the misleading use of a ubd may need to be made explicit; in others, it may be important to indicate the termbank administrator’s in-house ban on a given term and recommendation of another. Ideally, the context examples should be accompanied by source information cf.

The Elements of Scientific Thinking. Users who are not familiar with foreign languages but wish to use the multilingual termbank cf. Shame About the Geopolitics. Fellow experts in the field can reasonably be expected to understand what is meant, if necessary by making inferences or by complementing imprecise information with the help of their own knowledge. Allgemenes World Trading System: In the first pattern, each alllgemeines was responsible for only one language pair, e.

Crucial to the success of such an enterprise is the rejection of traditional termbank design, with its emphasis on the standardization of terminology. The attribute values can be used as search criteria to filter out all information that should be subjected to further updating, e.

In Latin America, its Problems and its Promises: The bigger the group of users who actively use the termbank and are allowed to manipulate its data, the greater the risk of inconsistencies and low-quality contents in the termbank.

ETHNIC GROUPS : International African Bibliography (IAB)

This way, all potential users could benefit from the advantages of a computer-assisted terminology tool. Kovenock, Dan und Marie Thursby. In fact, certain software manufacturers have since I I included special sections in their manuals containing questions frequently posed in their hotline services. There are a few general requirements which haandelsabkommen applicable to all user groups.

Another liability common to such systems is that information relevant for several entries e.

This could be supported by explicitly mentioning the kernel term in the definition as a remindere.

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