Altera Cyclone II Core EP2C8T FPGA Nano Board include a powerful FPGA feature set optimized for low-cost applications including a wide range of density, . Our product range includes a wide range of Altera Cyclone EP1C3T FPGA Board, Altera Cyclone II EP2C8T FPGA Development Kit, ALTERA Cyclone II . Altera Cyclone Core EP2C8T Development Board include a powerful FPGA feature set optimized for low-cost applications including a wide range of density, .

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You must save your settings with the Save Project command on the File menu. Altera products are protected under numerous U.

Altera Cyclone II EP2C8T144 FPGA Development Kit

Compare Quotations and seal the deal. If you use the SignalProbe feature to observe the signals at an output pin, by routing them to another output pin, the SignalProbe output pin signal will be shown as Unknown X in the Quartus II Simulator.

Workaround Remove the migration devices, recompile the design, open the Pin Planner, and then turn off Show Fitter Placement.

Not all speed grades of a given device share the same features. There is atlera set of some tutorials to help you get started and expand your knowledge of digital design. The tradeoff, of course, is that should a Reserved LogicLock region be under-utilized, the Fitter will be unable to place other logic items in the unused portion of the region. Get a Best Deal.

For information about memory, disk space, and system requirements, refer to the readme. Close any open menus or modal dialog boxes before the compilation or simulation reaches the next stage.


Under some circumstances, the Quartus II splash screen appears and altrea Quartus II icon appears in the Taskbar, but the graphical user interface does not appear.

If you do not have Administrator privileges when you install the Quartus II software, certain features of the software, particularly the online help, will not work properly. Connect the port to a top-level bidirectional pin or to other logic in the design. Fixes a bug that caused the Quartus II software to crash with an internal error when placing carry chain cells in Stratix II devices. You can then specify a migration device for your design.

– Free EAGLE Libraries, Tools for Electronics Designers

The goal of this board is to make getting started with FPGA and digital design as easy as possible. If you have turned off Save changes to all files before starting a compilation, simulation, or software build on the Processing page of the Options dialog box, changes you made may not be reflected in the latest compilation. Stratix PLL simulation models have been enhanced to handle jitter on the input clock.

The Quartus II software version 5. Timing models for these device families became final in versions earlier than version 2.

Added support for HardCopy II.

Altera EP3C16FC7NAltera EP3C16FC7N

To view the complete equations for any of these megafunctions, use the Equations window of the Timing Closure Floorplan. Fixes a problem in which a file was missing from the bit Linux installation. Workaround Contact Altera Technical Services at http: Fixed a problem with redundant register names in netlist. To generate a correct pin-out file.


The Quartus II software gives an error message when it finds two or more entities with the same name. The Quartus II software no longer uses the registry to store non—user interface—related settings. Do not use upper case or mixed case in your HDL design files. The Tcl Console Window is disabled while a compilation or simulation flow is in progress. Final Timing Models The following table lists the devices with final timing models that are available in the current version of the Quartus II software: Description The Quartus II software version 5.

Use the Recent Projects command on the File menu to reopen your last project. Fixed a problem in which the PLL clock output was non-functional at certain phase shift settings, on Cyclone II devices. In previous versions, you could apply this logic option only to the entire design that is, it was a global logic option. To locate Help on those items, click Index on the Help menu and type the name of the item.

Added parameters to control port connectivity for all PLL input and output ports. Under some circumstances, there may be editor windows listed in the Window menu that you cannot see. Fixed a problem with the EDA Netlist Writer in which it did not write out the correct parameter to support delay simulation in ModelSim. Please enter your Email ID.

Do not assign SignalProbe pins to packed registers.

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