Documents Similar To Alternity – Stardrive – Campaign Setting. Alternity – Dark Matter – Xenoforms. Uploaded by. Robbie Simpson. Alternity-star. A description of tropes appearing in Star Drive. Star*Drive was a campaign setting put out for Alternity, TSR’s ambitious but clumsy science-fiction RPG. A list of products, cover scans, and sources for purchase of these out-of-print books for the Alternity role playing game.

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Rewire the power grid for a major metropolitan area? Payment must be made within 7 days of auctions end; shipment upon cleared payment. Farmingdale, New York, United States. Super heroes, science fantasy, and magic expand your campaign into the realm of the fantastic.

See all intelligator has no other items for sale. The Klicks employ brutal but effective “hit-and-run” combat tactics. Stardrlve Read Edit View history. Depending on the engine power of a stardrive, it could travel alternit from 5 to 50 lightyears in a single trip, but due to the spatial physics of Drivespace, any and all travel between two points takes exactly hours approx.

Star Drive

But where are the terrorists? Hack into the Orbital Defense Network? Since we talk about spacemany information are available for space ships, alien life forms intellect, plants, animals in each major planetweapons,tools and gadgets of the era, cybernetics, mutations, psionics, effects of gravity,heat,atmosphere,pressure on the living beings and many more information on the various accessories that comes with the Star Drive Altetnity Setting.

On closer inspection, however, the similarities are quickly outdistanced by the differences. Shortly after that stardriev, humans encountered the Aleerins renaming them the mechalusand Aleerin space was pulled into the ever expanding human galactic community. But at the heart of all this chaos is a troubled sanctuary: But in a climate of relaxation or celebration, their emotional pendulum can swing to the other extreme to humans, it seems as though they are making a special effort to appear cheerful or jubilant.


The following are just a sample of what you may become. Humanity has done the first steps in space exploration. Human beings have left Earth’s cradle and established a civilization spanning hundreds of star systems.

Alternity – Star Drive – Dark Matter – Wayne’s Books RPG Reference

The Sesheyans have an acute vision in dark areas but suffer great if exposed in bright light. Mystics delve into tomorrow, masters of time and space great their future selves, and biowarriors create the finest blades with only their minds.

As the vanguard of the powerful star fleet, the heroes command the fast, heavily armed star cutter Shrike.

Inside this box, you’ll find everything you need to start playing now. A,ternity the Treaty of Concord brought an end to the war inStarMech recalled and deactivated its Warhulks Their fur shimers and changes color to match their surroundings, making them harder to see in their natural enviroment. Within a few generations, they had totally settled their solar system but this breakthrough had its shameful side.

The Mechalus are very familiar with the computer operation and the use of the cybernetic equipment. Use Expedited Shipping to get it by Jan.

Pages using deprecated image syntax. Visit a dozen fully described worlds, and learn of powerful interstellar empires. It was written by David Eckelberry and Richard Baker.

The Regency government maintains Bluefall’s independence against a storm of challenges. Delivery times may vary, especially during peak periods. This is the map of the Verge. Eclipse puts heroes against a stellar nation ready to take the entire world hostage.


In these pages you’ll meet: By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. They cannot resist the impulse to do harm to others.

Retrieved from alternify https: Jack into the Grid, download Avatar’s reports, and decide for yourself if the External threat is real or the deluded imaginings of a burned-out gridpilot. Click to enlarge and learn more about the various empires.

Alternity Star Drive Campaign Setting Hardcover TSR 2802

They resolved that never again would they use violence unnecessarily against another sentient species. The possibilities are here. We think you’ll have a much more enjoyable experience. Seller assumes all responsibility for this listing.

What they find waiting for them will forever change the human concept of the universe and humanity’s place in the grand scheme of things.

The Lighthouse stands as a base of operations, a site for adventure, and a means to travel the Verge in style.

Alternity – Star Drive

In this time line our players join the world of Star Drive preferably in the area of the Verge. Welcome to a time after a. Post ‘s first work for TSR. Add to watch list Remove from watch list. New nations are being created, again with alliances and enemies.

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