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APOLLO is a homemade didactic 4-bit RISC PROCESSOR about the ALU and made of discrete TTL logics and bipolar Memories. One of the more famous of these devices is the , a cascadable 4-bit arithmetic logic unit, or ALU. An ALU is the heart of a microprocessor. Please show how you are interconnecting the two devices, particularly the carry from the LSB to the MSB device. It looks like that may not be.

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I made the opposite. Hacked the root password and had a 16 terminal miniframe computer in the house where I started to learn a Unix. It is up to you to interpret the values in the form you need. Notify me of new posts 741881 email. Gordon Bell ; J.

Thanks for the great write-up! Why on earth you might think would an ALU need to do that? The is still used alj in retro hacker projects. This section needs expansion.

The works fine with active-low logic except the meanings of some pins change, and the operations are shuffled around. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: Students cannot probe the inner workings of a single-chip microprocessor, and few discrete-logic machines are open to student inspection.

Home Questions Tags Users Unanswered. I suspect that these posts only attract old EE farts by sparking nostalgic feelings.


Explaining The Operation Of The 74181 ALU

Gordon Bell ; Allen Newell. Speaking from experience… these posts work just like fly paper for me. You could 7418 an arbitrary 3-operand truth 47181 8 bitsalong with optionally selecting in the carry chain.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Multiply and divide functions are not provided but can be performed in multiple steps using the shift and add or subtract functions. Second, combining and to get is very strange, but for instance, if you are applying to the A inputs, and to the B, and a Mode select ofyou’ll get A – 1, or That would have been a box you would have loved, the IFR service monitor.

The chip is important because aalu its key role in minicomputer history. In this article, I explain that the ‘s set of functions isn’t arbitrary but has a logical explanation.

One thing to note is A PLUS A gives you left shift, but there’s no way to do right shift on the without additional circuitry. Sign up using Facebook.

A faster technique is to use a chip, the look-ahead carry generatorthat performs wlu lookahead across multiple chips, allowing them to all work in parallel. Hi Ken, Great blog. Views Read Edit View history.

Explaining The Operation Of The ALU | Hackaday

Post as a guest Name. The least significant nibble in the example represents the max positive number with 4 bits, so when incremented by one goes to zero So how is the implemented and why does it include such strange au


Or solve this issue in any other way. Sign up using Email and Password. This may seem impossible: The chip has a few additional outputs. For the logic operations, the carries are disabled by forcing them all to 1.

Then I didn’t understand your question. The carry from each bit position can be computed from the P and G signals by determining which combinations can produce a carry. The P and G outputs in my schematic are reversed compared to the datasheet, for slightly complicated reasons. The is a series medium-scale integration MSI TTL integrated circuitcontaining the equivalent of 75 logic gates [2] and most commonly packaged as a pin DIP. These circuits contain interesting, pretty elegant solutions for problems of the day that some see as inspiring.

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