The Alula-TREK is ready to start the journey no matter where you go. The world’s most popular birdsimilar RC Nurflügler is back and smarter than ev. The alula-TREK is the latest version of the the world’s most popular bird-inspired RC glider. The ultra lightweight and packable airframe is perfect for travel and. Often after climbing for awhile I simply loose the thermal and the Alula-Trek starts gliding down. Then the search for the next thermal begins or I.

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I didn’t initially install the tape as I didn’t have any handy but as I will explain later I strongly recommend installing the tape! In the end these changes, in my opinion made the design better in flight too. The instruction glide is comprehensive, very clear and very easy to follow. Files View all Files in thread. Assembly time is quick! Jul 01, You may question the low throw alulz the elevator but that proved to be all the movement that was needed in the flight testing portion of this review.

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I spray painted the inside of the nose skid a light coat of white paint and set it aside to dry. It is well worth paying very close attention to control throws and rates.


I’ve just bought one gglider these, and I’m having troubles with the electrics. Dream-Flight included their flight-pack combo with two servos and the NiMH 4.

Jeff is in red and Guy is in Blue. The tubes that receive the wing rod came installed in the wings along with the securing clamps at the root of the wings.

Dream-Flight Alula-Trek

Good launches with visible tells when encountering thermals and climbing in thermals is Special Flight Performance for me. Ill find out at maiden for sure. Anonymous Alula from hyperflight. I am very glad I purchased one and would urge you to too. The Trek made glidee rolls straight into the wind of about mph. They have an option to have a removable wing but they recommend against it as it adds weight but if flying just at a slope that would not be a problem.

Dream Flight Alula Trek

Images View all Images in thread Views: These were more than just small improvements in my opinion. I found at my local thermal field the Trek like’s to fly faster, penetrates the wind better had a better glide path than my Evo.

I am glad I built the one piece Alula, and I can pack it in my suitcase. The Alula-Trek was developed from the ground up to provide pilots of all skill levels a unique RC soaring experience with minimal building skills required.

Jan 09, Josh Bixler Next week! I then installed the gliderr battery extension wire from the option flight pack into the battery channel on the receiver. Thanks for the plans. Glidwr Alula can be flown by a beginner who understands small movements with elevons are all that is needed for control. I thought it was set up as a percentage but maybe that is on a two aileron setup on a normal tail configuration?


Still this is a better glider than the Libelle which is absolutely awfulbut none of them offers the flat field performance that you get from even an over-weighted DLG.

Dream Flight’s Alula-Trek Sailplane Review – RC Groups

However there were no clevises in the kit. Great, are there any other discus launch gliders that you really like FT? Log-In Get access to additional features and goodies. The clevises and control rods are different and I found them fun to assemble and install. Paul raven Alula trek. Only 24 left in stock!

I am going out to buy one and practice the David through technic! There are molded spaces on each side of this slot into which molded bumps on the vertical stabilizer fit to give a good tight fit, locking the stabilizer into position with friction with no need for glue or tape.

At that time I wrapped some tape around the wing joint line in front top and bottom.

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