In sixteen linked essays, Nobel Prize–winning economist Amartya Sen discusses India’s intellectual and political heritage and how its argumentative tradition is. Nobel laureate Amartya Sen offers a brilliant corrective to the myths surrounding his homeland in The Argumentative Indian, says Soumya. Pankaj Mishra applauds Amartya Sen’s cosmopolitan view of India’s cultural and political history in The Argumentative Indian.

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Beyond the call centre

This fascinating book on Indian identity is sdn journey with its ups and downs. He continues to try and prove India’s superiority over China even when he’s making a point of learning from Chinese actions in education and healthcare.

Not to be missed by any Indian. Sen points out that such debates were often supported by monarchs like the Mughal Emperor Akbar and Emperor Ashoka.

Democracy, Religious Violence, and India’s Future. Too much BJP bashing, that could irk a neutral reader. There is a good final discussion on how India needs to shape its social and economic policies in the new era of globalization.

Jndian makes the book more or less a highly subjective take on what is already a very subjective topic.

Prolixity may not be alien to us in India, but brevity definitely seems to be an alien concept to Mr. Book is undoubtedly one of the finest work, but Flipkart is selling a pirated copy so please avoid buying it from Flipkart.

Interesting as this book and Dr. Me liking or disliking a indiaj has more to do with personal emotions rather than true merits of a book or the ideas contained in it. Jul 20, Laurent Franckx rated it liked it. The third section looks at conflicts of class amqrtya criticises inequalities in Indian society and arguments that have been used to justify them.

This Tagore was not whom I read about in my history books. Finally, the book explores modern cultures of secularism and liberalism in an Indian context. In their week of fame and destruction the statues were seen and discussed by people all round the world: Surely those would be worth visiting.


I think this counter argument was mentioned but not given much weightage by Sen Read the entire review at Aesthetic Blasphemy And do let me know what you think: Sen is a cosmopolitan and an Indian — and he, of course, would see no contradiction in those terms.

I will not buy glass for the price of diamonds, and I will never allow patriotism to triumph over humanity as long as I live. Argmuentative states that tradition of heterodoxy and arguing ,the inclusiveness or acceptance what he calls “Swikruti” made easy for Christians,jews parsees and other immigrants to settle and follow their own beliefs and customs. It however lacks contextual examples illuminating abstract sociological or philosophical concepts. It must be stated, though, that the sometimes we do not have a choice in the matter and the identity is imposed on us e.

This needs saying at the outset.

The Argumentative Indian – Wikipedia

Let me leave you by telling two good things about the book. You can only aspire to greatness if you shun mundane roles. Three, the treatment of the topic is superficial.

Educated at Rabindranath Tagore’s experimental school, Shantiniketan where the earlier Bengali Nobelist prophetically dubbed Sen “Amartya,” or “immortal”and at Cambridge University, the first non-English Master of Trinity College, Cambridge, the holder of two named professorships at Harvard, inidan buff, cricket fan and voracious reader, Sen embodies the yearning for heterodox learning.

About class – The same stupid arguments to tye inequality without caring for equality of opportunity and shit loaded with intersectionality theme of social ‘scientists’. I do not differ from him on the Hindutava world view. Sen himself is quite the argumentative Indian and sometimes the book reads After all my dramatic agony and breathless complaining, I am glad I amaetya.

What we see in the documentary is the academician, the teacher, the philosopher and the intellectual, but seldom the man in his domestic environment. Certified BuyerMathura. The Argumentative Indian is “a bracing sweep through aspects of Indian history and culture, and a tempered analysis of the highly charged disputes surrounding these subjects–the nature of Hindu traditions, Indian identity, the country’s huge social and economic disparities, and its current place in the world” Sunil Khilnani, Financial Times, U.


I would like to enhance the opening quote of this review with another stolen one as an end note, one undisputed this time, by 19th century Bengali reformist Ram Mohan Roy. argumrntative

Indian Cultural Diversities and skeptical arguments. The Argumentative Indian is “a bracing sweep through aspects of Indian history and culture, and a tempered analysis of the highly charged disputes surro In sixteen linked essays, Nobel Prize–winning economist Amartya Sen discusses India’s intellectual and political heritage and how its argumentative tradition is vital for the success of its democracy and secular politics. I can be an Army officer first and then a Brahmin or Hindu or even an Indian or I may be my identity based on any other order.

One closes this stimulating book wishing that Sen would say more, from his unique vantage point, about the more unprecedented aspects of globalisation today: Nextly,i was impressed by his view of the Hindu religion.

There is an old arggumentative that a specialist is someone who knows more and more about less and less until finally, he knows everything about nothing. Sen argues that our pluralistic tradition faces grievous threat from those votaries of Hindutava who argue that due to its amarrtya and size, Hindus must be pre-eminent in India.

After expressing a mild objection to Salaam Bombay! Those Buddhas and frescos were destroyed eleven months later. Sometimes he beats around the bush intentionally not wanting to highlight a disputed or vague topic.

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