An Introduction to Persian has 38 ratings and 5 reviews. Adam said: Old Thackston gets a bad rap in Persian language classrooms, but I spent about a year. An introduction to Persian / Wheeler M. Thackston. — Rev. 4th ed. p. cm. ISBN (alk. paper) Persian language — Grammar. I. Tide. Wheeler M. Thackston is Professor of Persian and other Near East This is why W.M. Thackston’s An Introduction to Persian should be welcomed by students.

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They do not apply to the scansion of Persian poetry or to Persian as it is spoken outside of Iran. There are some very small houses in this city. Prsian pronominal ghackston, which are used as pos- sessive pronouns, direct objects of verbs, and complements of most prepositions, are as follows: We were writing letters yesterday. As in English, there are two types of relative clause in Persian, the restrictive that which is selective, or determinate and the non- restrictive the purely descriptive and nonselective.

Is Darius having a good time?

An introduction to Persian : key to exercises / Wheeler M. Thackston. – Version details – Trove

For the time being, stay be right here! By the time they come, it will be too late. Exercise 1 a For the following words give 1 the pefsian singular e. Before stems be- ginning with vowels, a -y- is infixed. If they had said so, we would have been obliged to go.

None of your libraries hold this item. He must have done that thing.

An Introduction to Persian

All Persian nouns and adjectives are stressed on the last syllable, e. Parts of the body.


We used to live there but not any longer. Introductiion emphasis is on the spoken and written language in today’s Iran, on the Persian which is taught in schools and spoken and understood by all Nonfiction.

perian I have three brothers. U- khane-ye bozorg the big house JO ax bachche-ye badthe bad child Keep this point in mind! They are good students. British Journal of Middle East Studies.

The mountain specific is large. I came to see you. He started speaking before he stood up. There is some food in the kitchen. The seven letters that do not connect forward— i.

When suffixes are added, stress is moved to the final syllable of the suffix: UsJ I j I bishtar-e dustha-ye u. He’s not more than twelve years old. Who is that kind man? What all did I not say?! Thackston makes Persian grammar clear and understandable.

They are used, however, in Persian handwriting, and the versions to be imitated in handwriting will also be given. The student should use the present copulas for the present tense of budan.

An Introduction to Persian – Wheeler McIntosh Thackston – Google Books

There are no good books in his house. If the vowel of the hamze is a or othe hamze is on top of the alef; if the vowel of the hamze is ethe hamze is beneath the alef asp r esm introdutcion olfat Non-initially the hamze is written in a variety of ways, and there are complicated rules for the bearer of the hamze in Arabic words; however, since variant spellings are frequent in Persian, it is considerably less time-consuming for the student simply to leam the spelling of words with hamze as they occur.

We had already seen him before that. We went four times. Wheeler McIntoshEdition Rev. What introuction these books about? Stress remains on the final syl- lable of the non-verbal element.


A secondary stress, charac- terized by a high falling pitch Q, falls on the preceding stressed syllable. In any case, if you’re a beginner and don’t have access to a classroom or persiah couple of really patient native speakers, download the Pimsleur Persian just as an intro to how the language sounds and then get Lonely Planet for grammar and stuff. The syllabic division falls therefore be- tween the two consonants in a two-consonant cluster and between the second and third consonants of a three-consonant cluster, which is the maximum that thackson.

Stress is on the final syllable of the non-verbal element. introductioh

How many times have you gone there? LO introduvtion shomd u-ra didid, vali ma pariruz-ham li- ra dide-budim. The only irregularly formed hundreds are, and peraian It is used, in fact, to indicate any type of syntactical relationship between two nouns. Always be pi happy! Several of these idiomatic constructions have already been introduced, such as aqd-ye and khanom-ethe ezdfe being required by the nouns dqa and khanorn before family names.

The negative copulas are formed by adding the per- sonal enclitic endings to nist thackstpn, itself the third-person singular negative copula. The present perfect continuous is used to describe an act or state that was con- tinuous or habitual in the past, the historical validity of which still holds true now and is of relevance. What book did you read?

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