Andis Kaulins is the author of Stars, Stones and Scholars ( avg rating, 3 ratings, 0 reviews, published ), Ancient Signs ( avg rating, 1 rati. The latest Tweets from Andis Kaulins ???? (@wuxiandis). A Canadian English Teacher, Father, Reactionary and Blogger who is married to a Chinese Girl. The latest Tweets from Andis Kaulins (@law_pundit). Author & Educator. Stanford Law School & Paul Weiss NY alum. Constitution Copyrights Environment.

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Ancient “faces in stone” etc. In kaulibs, the truth is: I do not discuss ley lines at all in my book. The bullies are not, as you have alleged, those who post under their true identities to the Internet and who then try to defend their reputations against unseen foes.

In reply, the truth is, as currently written at the the Wikipedia, open for all to read: We are neither “outside” looking “in” nor “inside” looking “out”. We have no reason to conclude that the ancient tales of Southern constellations are necessarily wrong.

My book discusses megalithic sites and alleges that many of these are land survey markers sited by ancient astronomy. andid

One of the great enemies of modern science is its smug and deluded view that mankind has come such a long way since the allegedly ignorant stone age forefathers lived on this planet. They are afraid their books will be obsolete and ignored so they lash out in envy and jealousy. When we look at the testimony of man’s history through the piercing eyes of a cross-examining lawyer, much accepted dogma needs revision.

Since the universe has infinite time, all possible combinations of particles and the principles kaylins them can and must by definition recur infinitely, so that any given combination eternally repeats itself – except for unconscious periods of “nonexistence” of any given kualins.


Our structure – whatever it is – must be the same as the rest of the universe He finds cup-and-ring marks on stones that sndis constellations in the southern hemisphere such as Musca that were not defined until the sixteenth century: Email required Address never made public.

He is clearly a very intelligent and well educated man. Unfortunately, the books of Nele Neuhaus have not yet been translated into English, as far as I can tell, but they surely will be soon. We are still chained ahdis the superstitions and taboos of the witchdoctors of yesteryear. To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: I am aware of the history of the stellar constellations — and I know them far better than most, thank you.

I even suggested it might be a chicken at Malta, full kaulinx realizing that these stars — which also existed prior to the modern era — may have had another identity to stellar observers millennia ago. The universe could not just suddenly have “started up” out of nothing. Ancient History at Lexiline? Sky Earth Native America 2: Hence, the “moving world” has four dimensions.

Sky Earth Native America 2: The stars kaupins the position of the Southern Musca — there also used to be a Northern Musca — have a definite shape which lent itself to being seen as a bee or a fly in the modern era of navigation. Mar 20, A week ago, I received an email from somebody known as Nazani who had written a review on Amazon. As a general rule we do not censor any content on the site.

Andis Kaulins rated a book it was amazing. His scholarship has been criticized by Eric C. This is the reverse of the way real archaeologists work: What I suspect upset the author was the start of the review taken from the Google cache of the page: No alternative is given in Wikipedia, but the statement seems to come from an entry in Celtnetwhich seeks to explain how the name of a poet at seems originally to have been Latinised as Lailoken, representing a Welsh Llallawg, was transformed into Myrddin.


My theory of the universe derives from the observation that every human being is a PART of the universe. Is this also the mechanism of the universe?

Andis Kaulins (Author of Stars, Stones and Scholars)

Karl Popper and Thomas Kuhn treat false paradigms at length. One dimension is an impossible thought. Two corroborative Old Elamite scripts can be deciphered using the Greek syllabic values obtai Nele Neuhaus is an immensely talented writer with a tremendous descriptive ability, which reminds this writer — an author himself — of the talents of Charles Dickens, kailins his day, of course.

You are commenting using your Twitter account. They are such a mix of different counter-cultural, occult and UFO ideas that they are just about impossible to read. Uh…yeah, the University of Chicago respected your work in law…not archaeology — the fact that you were offered a full scholarship in law in now way indicates your abilities in archaeology…which are clearly lacking.

When pseudoscientists turn nasty

I was born and brought up in Letchworth Garden City, so I have a life-long connection with the area. Andi may be — as you write — that the U of Chicago now has people who have criticized some of my work, but when I applied to law school there years ago, that university offered me a full scholarship — tuition plus room and board, which is rather rare.

Thought by its nature is combinatorial

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