Sistemas de Informacion Contable 3 by Roberto Angrisani, , By (author) Roberto Angrisani, By (author) Juan Carlos López. Sistemas De Informacion Contable 3 A&L 5/Edicion: angrisani/lopez: Books – Sistemas De Informacion Contable 3 C/Cd: Angrisani López: Books –

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Thermo-economic optimization of Regenerative Organic Rankine Cycle for waste heat recovery applications. Three of the heat pumps prove very cost competitive when compared to heating with natural Evaluation of operation strategies of hybrid systems; Avaliacao de estrategias de operacao de sistemas hibridos.

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A y L Editores. A thermo-economic analysis of the separation process of an ethylene plant. The operation strategies evaluation is performed by simulation using data collected at the Cardoso Island such as electric power consumption profile and the solar and wind potential.

Since classical thermodynamic analysis based on thermodynamic equilibrium do not consider these constraints directly, it is necessary to consider the energy transfer between the system and its surroundings in the rate form.

Higher irreversibility rate were observed around the burner, stack, and steam reformer. The performance of steam turbine, combustion chambers, recuperators and ammonia—water evaporator can be appreciably improved by capital investment into more efficient design due to their low values of exergoeconomic factor. The role of plant location and future evolution of gas prices in the thermo-economic performance of the solar plant has been also analyzed.

Performance comparison of low-grade ORCs organic Rankine cycles using Rfa, pentane and their mixtures based on the thermoeconomic multi-objective optimization and decision makings.

Withoutabox Submit to Film Festivals. Probabilistic evaluation of the Brazilian interconnected power systems; Avaliacao probabilistica do desempenho do sistema interligado brasileiro. Conceptos remunerativos y no remunerativos: The optimal relation between the thermo-economic criterion and the coefficient of performance COPthe maximum thermo-economic criterion, and the COP and specific cooling load for the maximum thermo-economic criterion of the cycle are derived using finite-time thermodynamics.


Sistemas de Informacion Contable 3 : Roberto Angrisani :

Capital charges of common equipment such as the boiler, deaerator and feed water heaters as well as boiler fuel costs are distributed between power generated and desalinated water according to available energy consumption of the major subsystems. The irreversibilities originating from finite-time and finite-size constraints are important in the real thermal system optimization. Corporate Research, has been analysed thermoeconomically.

Results indicate that modifications in certain process parameters can lead to a decrease in the cost of angrissni produced by the reference plant.


In order to analyze the influence of climatic conditions, two different geographical locations in Italy Benevento and Milano are considered, that are also characterized by different natural gas and electricity tariffs.

An extensive set of optimization cases are performed to estimate the influence of fuel price angtisani, plant location, demand profile, operation conditions, solar field orientation, and radiation uncertainty on optimal design.

Thermodynamic methodology includes the relations and performance parameters for energy and exergy analysis, while thermoeconomic methodology angrisank the cost balance relations, cost of products and thermodynamic inefficiencies, relative cost difference and exergoeconomic factor.

The thermodynamic and thermoeconomic analyses are investigated contabilidadd achieve the optimum operating parameters of a dual pressure heat recovery steam generator HRSGcoupled with a heavy duty gas turbine.

Este ultimo se desarrolla ampliamente por las ventajas que presenta su aplicacion en la planeacion de redes grandes y complejas. The normalised exergy destruction rate as the dependent variable therefore resolves the relation of the characteristic curve method with the entropy generation paradox In our study three different costs are considered: Also is presented an evaluation of exergoeconomic maintenance cost, evaluating their significance, at equipment level, related to overall maintenance cost, aiming to help the maintenance activities planning.


This may be ascribed to the high cost of the materials, fittings, and manufacturing of the solar equipment. Furthermore, the effects related to changes in operational and design parameters can be studied in a detailed way, evaluating the local and distributed effects.

Estos indices se calculan con la representacion equivalente para. I agree to the discuto.

Optimized operating parameters of cycles include evaporators and regenerative temperatures, pinch point temperature difference of evaporators and degree of superheat.

In this paper, thermo-economic comparisons of organic Rankine and steam Rankine cycles powered by line-focusing concentrating solar collectors are reported. Exergetic analysis and thermoeconomic study for a container-housed engine.

Madrid, Rios Rosas, 21, Madrid Spain. It calculates the ExROI value exergy return on investment and renewability factor, and it demonstrates that thermoeconomics is a useful tool to assess life cycles of renewable energy systems. An evaluation of the protection schemes of substations is determined make of the Sistema Nacional Interconectado of year We never share your details.

Although it is also difficult for a large-scale system to calculate exergy destruction, it is feasible to do so for a small-scale system, for instance, villa air conditioner VAC.

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