Book The Proposal The Animorphs first try to get him to flip out in public by putting cockroaches in his salad, and then biting his head. The Proposal (Animorphs #35) – Kindle edition by K. A. Applegate. Download it once and read it on your Kindle device, PC, phones or tablets. Use features like. Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for Animorphs # The Proposal at Read honest and unbiased product reviews from our users.

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Top Reviews Most recent Top Reviews. Well, sometimes, when they need a hero, Marco’s going to let them down. Not every young girl got obsessed with the celebrity of the moment, so that portrayal felt really one-sided and shallow to me.

He has now been reduced to only one of his character traits — one that directly harms the book and turns what could’ve been an interesting if flawed, plot to a worse edition of one of the wacky event plots. I’d bet most of them would rather see the Yeerk Empire shrink with them on the Council, than see it grow with Esplin or Edriss in their places.

The Proposal (novel) – Wikipedia

It has some great tension and mystery– and ultimately I do like the resolution. The Proposal Animorphs 35 by K. Each of those next two have good potential but are probably the two worst-written books in the series, which completely fail to reproduce Jake or Rachel’s voices and in #5 latter case especially, take a crap all over the narrator’s characterization.

Tom Serveaux May 26, at He knows how to take Marco animodphs better than anyone else and then build him back up, because they’ve been friends forever and a day.

Anonymous June 6, at He showed more than his #355 of grief at the beginning. I just need to get a grip is all. Jul 16, Jonathan Grant rated it liked it. Mostly for more Emiki He was always so happy. Page 1 of 1 Start Over Page 1 of animorpsh. The Departure Animorphs My dad hung up the phone, that goofy smile still stuck on his face. Plus, serious human issues from an alien perspective would be intresting.


I figure the morphing problem is a stress side effect. I recognized the main plot of The Reunion while reading it, and I felt that deja vu again with this book.

You’re entertained regardless of who wrote it. Two sounds like the best story, so I was torn, but being a Rachel fan, with nothing but shitty Rachel books from here out, I also really want 3.

Marco can’t control his morphs due to the stress of his dad getting re-married. The Prophecy Animorphs I was fully prepared to write this one off as one of the silly Animorphs books, but no. But Jake shuts her down firmly. Hiding messed-up morphing, and keeping too much bottled up inside, to name the obvious. Jul 29, Bonesy added it. And because of their distance from one another, I’d say that a teenaged son as old as Marco should not be a consideration as to whether or not his father remarries.

But the way their respective flaws and strengths stack up makes for varying levels of heroism.

Aug 07, Alex rated it really liked it Shelves: You submitted the following rating and review. Favourite quotes, spoilery as always: Ifi May 26, at 4: It was interesting how his Yeerk seemed whacked even for Yeerks.

I think animoorphs Marco would agree that he’s no hero. Using thought-speak, he is finally able to scare off the kitchen workers. How’d they learn about the “allergies”?

The Proposal

In the midst of this, the fact that Marco’s father is heavily considering re-marrying not knowing that his first wife is still alive is apparently giving Marco enough stress that his attempts at morphing end up randomly creating hybrid monstrosities.

Jul 14, Jeremy MacRae rated it it was ok Shelves: Marco’s Dad hasn’t been mentioned in a long time and so I was While The Proposal actually wasn’t as bad as I remembered it being, it’s still far from being one of the better books of the series.


Edriss might be good at stealth, and Esplin at seeing the physical combat potential of aliens, but they are both babes in the woods when it comes to the internal politics, and the Council plays them for idiots, making them waste their political energies passing the blame and undermining one another, rather than climbing the ladder and getting control of the council.

She’d recognize Peter first, and disguise her voice anyway. They stage a way to expose him on television, but even through all this, Marco doesn’t know who to turn to with his feelings.

Tennant himself — or at least, the Yeerk controlling him — also works for who he is, the fact that the person with a near-saintly public image has been controlled by a violent, nearly uncontrollable Yeerk makes for something fairly interesting, and something that could’ve still worked if he appeared in another book.

In previous books, Ax should be able to use thought-speak while in a human morph, as thought-speak isn’t something that gets removed just because a creature has the ability to speak, but other books have suggested he has to use his mouth if he’s human.

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Marco’s father is thinking of getting married aanimorphs. Now, having read The Proposal… I think only two of the three things in that previous sentence are accurate. This is a lot longer than I intended so I’ll wrap it up. And they whine and piss and moan the most, and the others go along with them the most, and agree to their stupid crap the most!

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