for the Promotion of Small and Medium-size Enterprises (ANPME). 1 . financed by ANPME within the framework of Moussanada program. The National Agency for SME Promotion, (ANPME) was tasked with implementing the Moussanada and Imtiaz programmes which together account for roughly. Tags (2): ANPME endowed with a access, ANPME, broadband, ICT, Infitah, Injaz, internet, Maroc numerique , Moussanada, nafid, OCP, Rawaj, SMES.

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And, as the government is determined to foster the necessary economic changes, more regulatory, financial and fiscal measures in favor of business transfers are planned in the near future, like the upcoming creation of a new compartment in the marketplace, dedicated to SMEs, or the implementation of guaranteed loans for buyers. Inprivate equity firms raised more than 9 billion Moroccan dirhams equivalent of million Euros.

Developing SME’s as an engine for growth. Yet the government has realised that entrepreneurship is a key element in growing the economy and finding jobs for young people is top priority in a country where youth unemployment in cities aiverages 30 per cent.

Added value services to promote this culture of transfer brought by BDO and ANPME include an on-line evaluation of the company, a diagnosis of the potential buyer and a diagnosis of the potential seller. Business transfer is an important step in the life of a business, this represents a major change, which ought to be well prepared to guarantee the continuity of the company and its growth in the future.

The Moroccan government has engaged in numerous policies to support economic growth and promote initiative and entrepreneurship.

Business Process | Une plateforme sur mesure pour mieux vendre dans le Cloud

Middle Eastern and Arab families are mainly patrilineal Todd, and the father and his sons are the heart of the family and business organisations. How to become a member? Ampme are the support measures in Morocco for business owners likely to transfer their company on the one side and potential buyers likely to take over an existing business on the other side?

In patriarchal families, the leader is unchallenged and remains the leader of the firm until his death and ownership issues are seldom discussed within the moussanaca or within the firm.

I strongly perceive business moussanzda as the key to modernization and emergence of a new breed of entrepreneurs fully equipped and skilled to adapt to a challenging environment. The objective of the barometer is to make a state of the art of business transfer in Morocco and to bring recommendations on how to best support companies to ensure their sustainability through successful business transfers.


Morocco: Developing SME’s as an engine for growth.

The Moussanada pack is made up of different packs of services, covering all the needs of development and improvement of companies, including business transfer. The advance is to be paid back over a six year period, including a three-year grace period. Invest in Morocco Mon guide. This legal reform aims at being in line with international best practices and securing the venture capital activity for investors.

And arranging financing is clearly crucial in this strategy. However the lack of skilled labour makes development slower than it needs to be and the number of young unemployed as elsewhere in the world has reached crisis proportions.

Obviously, business transfers in Morocco do face the same kind of difficulties as in Europe. Supporting business transfers in Morocco is essential for us, considering the changeing business demographics in Morocco, characterized by few creation of new companies and many winding up of businesses. Both, they can find the solution to strengthen their position which none of the two cannot make alone.

In the same section. Could you explain the situation of transfers of SMEs in Morocco? The objective is to built a strong partnership win-win. But above all, the two main issues lie in the human factor and the financing. Choosing a proper successor and transmitting the firm formally to the next generation, is part of family firms leadership. For further information, kindly consult the following web-site: The father decides which part of the family works into the family business.

Meet us at GES – Marrakech. What are the main problems in the field of business transfers?

To reduce the risks linked to business transfers To define the real opportunities of the business to be transferred To be a facilitator of the transfer process To help find the right buyer To support the company in having a strategic vision To guarantee the intergenerational transfer of knowledge and know-how To understand the strenghts and weaknesses of the transferred company and to highlight the possible opportunities To advise and support potential buyers in their buyout and development strategy To facilitate business transfer and match potential sellers and buyers Mouwsanada is also to be noted that from on, the partial or total buyouts, including in mergers and acquisitions operations, are now eligible for the Imtiaz programme, which will enable to better support such actions.


For more information, please consult Maroc PME web-site: Are there good opportunities for cross-border transfers of SMEs between Morocco and European countries?

Successful business transfers are key to make companies sustainable and dynamic. A great part of our SMEs are family-run since their creation after the Independence in the s. How many SMEs are likely to be transferred in the coming years?

It is also anlme be noted that from on, the partial or total buyouts, including in mergers and acquisitions operations, are now eligible for the Imtiaz programme, which will enable to better support such actions. The ANPME founds its action on the specific support programmes, covering all the phases of the business life: Banks moussabada still reticent to lend without collateral and in the present economic climate this is unlikely to change in the near future.

Functional programs are thus launched to improve productivity and to speed wnpme the use of information technologies within firms, bringing about enhanced competitiveness factors, in terms of reduction in costs, shortening of lead-times, and improvement in the quality delivered.

According to you, what is the biggest challenge for the coming years when it comes to successful business transfers in Morocco? The bank has also announced it plans on providing venture capital to SMEs as a way of boosting financing, while at the same time providing advice, moussanafa improving back office functions, according to Oford Busieness Group. Draft law on business transfer By end But we also need to build a statistical database, knowing that we mainly focus today on the qualitative analysis.


Could you first moussaanada us an overview of the situation of SMEs in Morocco? All of these actions purport to help companies boost their performance, optimize their productivity, and access new markets. Are there any future projects to be mentioned?

Moulawalati is a program which has been devised and embedded by the Government for the purpose of the establishment of very small businesses. The advantages that are in place provide for the following: For this programme, the Moroccan public authorities take care mouussanada a part of the experts cost and the cost of acquiring and implementing information systems.

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