Jul 12, ”Man,” as Anthony Storr observes in his new book, ”Solitude,” ”was not born for love alone,” and solitude sometimes has a great deal to be said. Solitude by Anthony Storr – Originally published in , Anthony Storr’s bestselling meditation on the creative individual’s need for solitude has become a . A review of Anthony Storr’s Solitude: a Return to the Self.

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If you reach the finish line, you are way above average, you have found your bliss, you have reached nirvana, heaven, God the source. Storr grew up to be kind and insightful, yet, as his obituary states, h Anthony Storr was an English psychiatrist and author.

I don’t leave negative comments unless it is truly abominable, and I honestly can’t recommend this for a single person. Rather he is stepping back and opening the lens precisely not to pathologize or oversimplify tendencies towards solitude and away from prioritizing interpersonal relationships as inherently unhealthy.

Genuine abandonment of the conventional, traditional. Not only is Storr impeccably credentialed for his subject as a practicing psychiatrist and Oxford scholar, but his book is engagingly written, informative, and packed with examples of writers, composers, and philosophers who stoer Storr’s points about the connection between solitude and creativity.

Arrived quickly and without any damage. But bravely, and with lots of elucidating examples, he cites why he finds the Freudian framework limiting. Had I storrr that, I doubt I’d have given it a try.

There are also many very concise summaries of psyches and solitude cravings from famous authors, suggesting that some creative people may thrive in solitude for it allows themselves a chance to collect their thoughts and express themselves, while being lost in an illusion of This was anfhony one of those very well researched, very human studies about how solitude can help you, about how being alone allows us a chance to recover our true selves- the “I” that is hidden from the rest of the world.


Perhaps ahthony a result of his own unhappiness, isolation and depression, Storr’s work revealed an abiding concern for those trapped in suffering, whether as psychiatric pat- ients, solotude or victims of oppression and torture.

Storr argues convincingly that modern psychology and psychoanalytics place too much emphasis on the role of interpersonal relationships in mental and emotional health. Storr builds an analysis of the psychology of self, breaking down the components of infancy and childhood, the characteristics of the temperaments and personalities, and the tendencies of solitude in the creative person.

Storr died in Humans always crave some kind of solitude — and even in the face of social convention and obligation, we come up with ways to get time to ourselves — Florence Nightingale feigned a health complaint so she could get time alone to study and write. It also suffers from some deviation from the topic. Storr’s approach is holistic and theoretical, not heavily research driven, using myriad examples of creative people and artists for exploring how the mind works. The sense of unity can be triggered by nature, art, religion, love, childbirth, knowledge, and creativity, but also by solitude and silence.

Solitude | Book by Anthony Storr | Official Publisher Page | Simon & Schuster

Challenges the notion that human relationships are the “touchstone of health and happiness. Aug 13, Jenn “JR” rated it it was amazing Shelves: Starting all over again is not easy.

First, this book is magnificently structured. Even today, nearly 30 years after the books original publication, our culture sees solitude as a sign of instability, pathology, or weakness. Lewis, an obsessional polymath highly critical of his staff, undermined the confidence of everyone who worked for him. While Storr could I was very disappointed in this book. There is no need to convince.


Growth in the only evidence of life. The author’s description of the writing process: Is that why we read books? We can treat other people in such a better and uplifting way if we don’t see them as an ends to a mean. Sick of its business, of its pleasures tired, how gracious, how benign is solitude. View all 3 comments. Wodehouse parents patients patterns period person phantasy philosophers play prisoners psyche psycho-analysis quartets reality referred Saki schizoid self-esteem sense sensory deprivation sexual Sigmund Freud sleep social solitary confinement solitude suffered thought unity whilst William Cowper Winnicott Wittgenstein Wodehouse writes wrote.

Having been deprived of a childhood peer group in which to learn the skills of comradeship, he was ill-prepared for the rigours of boarding-school life.

One message I got was that many creative people suffered and had psychological issues – e.

Extraversion and introversion applied to solitude. Although he did a Jungian training, Storr declined to be labelled a Jungian, preferring to remain “an eclectic sceptic rather than a convert”.

Anthony Storr

In the end, the effect is tremendous. It’s temporary and is truly the highs of life. Citing numerous examples of brilliant scholars and artists—from Beethoven and Kant to Anne Sexton and Beatrix Potter—he argues that solitary activity is essential not only for geniuses, but often for the average person as well.

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