Steiner ‘cult’ is an ethos that fosters humanity – Comment – TESDec 11, I can’t help wondering if it was the weirdness of anthroposophy. One of the organsiations was Weleda, an anthroposophical health care company founded by Rudolf Steiner. Yesterday, on my blog post on the. Cult-like characteristics of Anthroposophy include: * It clings to rejected knowledge. (The heart is not a pump, etc.) * It requires teachers to.

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Why Anthroposophy Is Cult-Like

Publishers that specialize in anthroposophical and related literature do not make it a closed system. Indeed, Jeremy, because you are so clueless about anthroposophy on Facebook, you totally missed and then of course misconstrued my CI survey which took place on the main Steiner Facebook group in October If you want explanations of the real world you would do worse than study physics, chemistry or biology… abthroposophy some fact based history to put it all in perspective.

Each human being has the task to find a balance between these opposing influences, and each is helped in this anthoposophy by the mediation of the Representative of Humanityalso known as the Christ being, a spiritual entity who stands between and harmonizes the two extremes. Scientology is dangerous, and I thank you for working against it.



Like I have pointed out, anthroposophy is open for everybody. Had he said “I needn’t answer this because. That is an interesting statement! Please realize that what is obtuse and offensive to you is the way I reported on you to Helen Saunders, who is the counterpart of Dan Dugan in the UK.

Anthroppsophy told my friends at the school to not talk to me anymore Some of the epistemic basis for Steiner’s later anthroposophical work is contained in the seminal work, Philosophy of Freedom. And if rationality is to be so downgraded in favour of mysticism then all is lost; because language itself, and thus all discourse and discussion, relies on the rational and logical processes of modelling reality that are inclusive and specific.

When my son, whom we had also sent to Waldorf, interviewed for high school at a private college prep school, anthroposophyy director told my husband and me that they had enrolled three students from Waldorf anrhroposophy the past and that, while they were all nice children, they “didn’t know anything” and needed a lot of remedial work.


Human nature being anthroposohpy it is, the writings of Steiner have been misappropriated and dogmatized to a very great degree and too many times quoted out of context.

According to Steiner, a real spiritual world exists, evolving along with the material one. The possibility that this story might be anfhroposophy result of the student misunderstanding the teacher is somewhat undermined by the open anthroposlphy blatant Holocaust denial by some modern-day Anthroposophists.

In terms of the cult like nature of Anthroposophy, that has more to do with his followers, He would say repeatedly that his philosophy Anthroposophy should not be sectarian in any was but open to all. The little boy wanted to leave a quarter of an hour earlier, but had been restrained by someone who wanted to go out together with him.

But when you get sexually excited, for instance, it is not the heart that pumps the blood into your sex organs. As does any Cult. What parent researching schools would ever imagine that a school’s teachers might subscribe to racist spiritual evolution theories, that the “science” teachers might be so incredibly ignorant of real science, or that science classes might be a conduit for racist teachings?

It also pretty much proves that this person relies on highly biased sources for this judgement, in particular perhaps the writings of the anthroposophist you mentioned earlier in the post, Andy, the one who has been accusing Peter of being a con-artist for years now. It gives you answers and somehow it has made people feel very secure to continue their studies because now we know.

Now we know where we come from and it is almost proof of what God is. Ed said June 6, Supposedly, he used these meetings to inculcate anthroposophy into the curriculum at every opportunity.

She had made brave attempts to write words, guessing at the letters involved, but not succeeding in spelling a single word correctly.


During the years my children attended a Waldorf school I cul constantly curious about the ways things happened there. This morning, we discovered that pharmaceutical companies in Germany that manufacture homeopathic remedies, had being paying shills to discredit critics of alternative medicine.

I have met victims of Waldorf abuse from all over the world who have been through horrific experiences.

Alas, no chance, which is why I wonder. I’ve also been an Anthroposophist for 34 years, but I’m quite the renegade Caryn, What you have to understand is that Donald Trump has actually spoken the Ahrimanic invocation since last August. Here is the Duldeck House, That this person says that Peter Staudenmaier is not a reputable source is utterly inappropriate. Not only a legal problem, but a grave moral concern. anthroposophh

Anthroposophy, a Secret Religion?

What transforms the undifferentiated universal human form into the distinctive Ethiopian typewith his black pigmentation and woolly or frizzy hair is the consequence of their activity.

Sune, why would anyone follow your links down your personal rabbit hole? Anything as long as Steiner teachings disappear along with Christianity in general. When did you find out? Let us think of a personality who has the good fortune to meet a great Leader of humanity, let us suppose such a personality confronting Christ Jesus himself, for example; he sees ahthroposophy all his deeds are evidence for leading humanity forward, but he will have nothing to do with this progress, he rejects the Leader of humanity.

I can no longer stay silent. Anthroposophia Theomagica, or a discourse of the nature of man and his state after death. Steiner’s writing, though appreciative of all religions and cultural developments, emphasizes Western tradition as having evolved to meet contemporary aanthroposophy. Thanks for posting your story. Private WE schools in this country are far from being “American commercial success culture”, nor is it their main desire.

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