Aphidius ervi will consume all types of larger aphids, especially the potato aphid, Macrosiphum euphorbiae, and the glasshouse potato aphid, Aulacorthum. Erviline biological control agent contains the Braconid wasp, Aphidius ervi. It stings and parasitizes larger aphids, such as the foxglove aphid, Aulacorthum. Aphidius ervi. Type of insect: Wasp. Kingdom Animalia, Phylum Arthropoda, Class Insecta, Order Hymenoptera, Family Aphidiidae. How to identify it: Mummies.

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Indeed, no host race specific differentiation has been detected in Chilean A. Complete lists of differentially expressed genes for Aphidius ervi. C DE analysis between parasitoid host races. Homology analyses aphidiius NR database identified 91 contigs belonging to gene families involved in insect chemoperception such as OBPs 10 transcriptsCSPs 2 transcriptsSNMPs 1 transcriptORs 76 transcripts, including the conserved odorant co-receptor, Orco and ionotropic receptors IRs; 2 transcripts.

Behavioral differences in host preference and host acceptance based on aphid host species and plants have been reported previously for A. Host-adapted parasitoids in biological control: Crops We work in a range of crops and have developed biologically based IPM programs to control the major pests.

Aphidius ervi

Biological Journal of the Linnean Society. Abstract The molecular mechanisms that allow generalist parasitoids to exploit many, often very distinct hosts are practically unknown.


Endoparasitoids may attack many related host species e. Aphidius ervi parasitoids were collected as larvae from parasitized aphids, recognizable as mummies and kept separated in vials until adult parasitoids emerged. The absence of genetic differentiation is explained by the very recent ies and single introduction event of A.

The parasitoid develops within the aphid body which at this stage called a “mummy”. Table S2 and Fig. Received Apr 7; Accepted Jul Each vial contains approximately mummies.

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Cellular signaling and neural development Within the A. Author Contributions Gabriel I.

After pre-processing and removal of ribosomal RNA reads, , reads remained. To further improve the accuracy of differentially expressed genes, all contigs aligning to the same protein were grouped using BLASTx homology results and were sorted by alignment BitScore. Hence, in our comparison between head transcriptomes of A. In contrast, no genetic differentiation between A. All transcripts were concatenated to generate a reference transcriptome library that could act as further reference for other studies involving A.

Proceedings of the Royal Society B: The recent introduction of a small number of individuals and natural occurrence of A.

This parasitoid is very good at dispersing and finding low populations of aphids. Jean-Christophe Simon reviewed drafts of the paper. Ultrafast and memory-efficient alignment of short DNA sequences to the human genome. Braconidae, Aphidiinae for biological control of aphids in Chile. Successfully annotated transcripts were categorized and assigned to GO terms from different GO categories molecular function, cellular component and biological process.


Aphidius ervi – Wikispecies

The insect filtered, non-redundant reference transcriptome was used as a basis for differential gene expression studies between tissues separate for head aphidiuss body Fig. Raw transcriptomic data is available under BioProject ID: One way to test between these options is to compare the transcriptomes of A. Before assembly, ribosomal RNA reads were removed by mapping the libraries using Bowtie ver. Supplemental Information 1 Supplementary File: Journal List PeerJ v. Egvi biological control project against the cereal aphids Hom.

On the other hand, GO terms enriched in bodies such as peptidase activity i. The adult parasite emerges through a round hole at the rear of the mummy.

When to release Ervi works best when used preventatively, or when aphids are first noticed in a crop. In order to establish inbred populations, a single, isolated naive A. Transcriptome analysis of an endoparasitoid wasp Cotesia chilonis Hymenoptera: Each week, new ervk infested plants were introduced into the A. Support Center Support Center.

Schluter Schluter D.

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