Recommended Practice for Drill. Stem Design and Operating Limits. API RECOMMENDED PRACTICE 7G. SIXTEENTH EDITION, AUGUST EFFECTIVE. API RP 7G (R). Recommended Practice for Drill Stem Design and Operation Limits, Sixteenth Edition, Includes Addendum 1 and 2 (). API RP 7G-2 (R). Recommended Practice for Inspection and Classification of Used Drill Stem Elements, First Edition (Identical Adoption of.

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Mlmmlze corrosion by the corrective measures shownin To economicallydevelopandproducenaturalresourcesandtoconservethose resources by using energy efficiently. The next rp7f pipe is placed nextin the stcingandtheWLterminEquation5or6isrepMbya term representingthe weight in air of the drill collars plus the d d l pipe assemblyin the lower string.

It is a goodpractice to remove not more than the tool joint body permits.

Rp7h forms of oxygen meters, corrosion meters, hydrogen probes, chemical corrosion most often encountered with drill stem materials test kits, test coupons, etc.

To advise promptly, appropriate wpi, employees, customers and the public of information on significant industry-related safety, health and environmental hazards, and to recommend protective measures. Remedial action for reducing drill stem fatigue is discussed in Section 8.

It is recommended that xpi string members not Cracks A h num alloys, however, may show increasing corrosion rates at pH valuesgreater than 8. Hook loads at minimumyield strength for New,premium and Class 2 d d l pipe are listed in Table On the 3 5 d e p or 18degree sloping shoulder of thepin end tool joinL b. Eccentric hollow circular section seeFigure A Organic acids and mineral tems are open to the air, the drill stem is continually exposed acids hydmchloric, hydrofluoric, etc.


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PremiumClass shall be identified with two gp7g em shoulder ofthe pin end tool joint bands, plusone center punch mark on the 35 degree a 18 d qemaining wall shall not be less thanthevalue in LE.

Conosion,cuts, and gouges 1. ID, Inspection Class 2. A design factor of 1. Weight’ Size Weight in. The advent of electronic pocketcalculatm makes it easy to use the following equations instead of the curves in Figures 36 and 3 7. Silicak, rl7g, and phosphate may also be present.

API RP 7G.pdf

The purpose of this recommended practice is tostandardize techniques for the procedure of drill stem design and to dehe the ali of the drill stem. For many water-base drilling fluids, the fatigue life of steeldrill stems may be incmsed by maintaining pH a of 9. Tool joints in the field, subject to many factors not included in determination of points for the curves,may vary h m these values.

Generally, oneor more of the following may occur even in the apparent absence of corrosion, but is measures is used,but certain conditions may require more more likely if active corrosion exists. Tomid data based on 30 percent d o mwear on outside diameter and tensiledata based on 30 pacent uniform wear on outside diameter.

Such spi are necessary to reduce fatigue damage. A given assembly that is suitable for certain service may be inadequate for some areas and overdesigned for others.

Slip crushingis not a problem if slips and master bushings aapi maintained. As an example, consider Figure 41; Point B indicates that if the buoyant weight suspended below the dogleg is 9. Itis the responsibility of the manu The values shownare minimum values and do not include factorsof safety.


Radial clearance is the distance between the tool joint OD and the hole. When joints are moved h m this string against the borehole.

NS-1™ & NS-2™ for when you need equipment manufactured and inspected to a higher standard

Inspection class also grades the pipe with regard to slip crushing. To meet these responsibilities,API memberspledgetomanageourbusinessesaccordingtothefollowingprinciplesusing sound scienceto prioritize risks andto implement cost-effective management practices: O15 4″17′ 8″4 – ‘ 6.

For minimum collapse failure in the plastic range with minimum yield stress limitations: The coefficient of fric- COPYRIGHT American Petroleum Institute Licensed by Information Handling Services m 3 tion for thepurposes of this recommended practice is assumed a constant; it has ap demonstrated,however, that new tooljoints and servicetempenahm often affect thecoefficient of friction of the tool joint system.

A connection onto the bottom of the kellyto protect the pin apo of the kelly used on drill stringelementswhichhascoarse, tapered operations.

An API service classification for used drill fication system for rock bits. It was further deter The equivalent buildrate is given by: Such consideration should be finally governed by experience factors until such time as the analytical method for fatigue predictiongains more reliability. Then, solve formula l Recommendedtorque for diamond drill bits is shown in Table M m m m Y i e l d Strength, psi Tool Joint with 10 IWgal mud in a 3.

OptionalInspections Following are optional inspections: Metallurgical exami- standard length.

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