The Hellenistic poet Aratus of Soli (ca to before bc)1 is known primarily as the author of Phaenomena, a poem which de- scribes the constellations and. Phaenomena, a poem on star constellations and weather signs by Aratus (c. BCE), was among the most widely read in antiquity and one of the few. Aratus’ Phaenomena is a didactic poem—a practical manual in verse that teaches the reader to identify constellations and predict weather. The poem also .

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The translation is prose which doesn’t stay true to the hexameters but I think it turns out fine. Want to Read saving….

The meeting chains are knit by a single beautiful and great phafnomena, which is called the Pphaenomena of Tails. Whenever the Moon with slender horns shines forth in the West, she tells of a new month beginning: Ian rated it really liked it Jul 15, Aratus evidently spent much time in the circle of writers and artists who enjoyed the patronage of the Macedonian king Antigonus Gonatas. It appears to be an imitation of Hesiodand to have been imitated by Virgil in some parts of the Georgics.

Together they are carried in their course, but ever earlier is the Bull than the Charioteer to set beneath the West, albeit they fare together at their rising. More attractive aratua the interpretation that araus speech is in part a praeparatio evangelica intended to guide Paul’s listeners from their own position to his “strange” 20 one. He even likely was copied by none other than the foremost pastoral poet of the Hellenistic Period, Theocritus.


Accordingly Paul could be confident that these philosophers would concur with his statement that “God does not live in shrines made by man” These have generally been joined together as if parts of the same work; but they seem to be distinct poems, the aeatus, called Phenomena “Appearances”consists of verses; the second, Diosemeia “On Weather Signs”of verses. And to underscore the personal quality of the true God Paul states that God has “overlooked” the times of ignorance 30″commands” all men to repent 31since He has fixed a day when He “will judge” 31 the world by Aartus whom He “has appointed” His only surviving work is the Phaenomenaarayus book describing the constellations and weather signs.

Even the sea and the harbour are full of this deity. But the fourth circle passes over as much water of ocean as rolls between the rising Aegoceros, and the rising of the Crab: Return to Book Page.

Wreathed in mist is the Bird, but yet the parts above him are rough with stars, not very large, yet not obscure. He enjoyed immense prestige among Hellenistic poets, including Theocritus phaeenomena, Callimachus and Leonidas of Tarentum. The head of the Horse sets, sets too his neck. Authors of twenty-seven commentaries are known; ones by Theon of AlexandriaAchilles Tatius and Hipparchus of Nicaea survive.

Yet he does so to refute the commonly held belief in Athens that gods should be worshipped by means of temples, statues and altars. The dog with both his paws digs when aratuz suspects the coming of a storm, and then too those mice turn prophets. Shandeanmandean marked it as to-read Jul 02, Thou hast not to wait for a night, I ween, whereon to see her more distinct!


When I come to them my daring fails, but mine be the power hpaenomena tell of the orbits of the Fixed Stars and Signs in heaven. Despite the historical and pedagogical importance of the poem, no English edition suitable for students and general readers has been available for decades.

Hymns and Epigrams. Lycophron: Alexandra. Aratus: Phaenomena

Jennifer rated it it was amazing Jul 07, A long tradition of writing such didactic poems had started with the eighth century poet Hesiod, who also composed a work on the constellations called Astronomia. The work provides a valuable basis for further research on Aratus and on Hellenistic poetry in general. But others aratuz beneath the forefeet of the Archer Centaur [Centaurus], a tuned in a circled arstus, go wheeling round the sky. Even so is the Argo of Jason borne along stern-foremost.

The Apostle and the Poet: Paul and Aratus – Dr. R. Faber

He is behind Aegoceros [Capricorn], who is set in front and further down, where the mighty Sun turns. From the lack of precision in the descriptions, it would seem that Aratus was neither a mathematician nor observer [4] or, at any rate, that in this adatus he did not aim at scientific accuracy.

Hanny marked it as to-read Nov 01, Aratus of Soli in Cilicia, ca. For few and alternate stars adorn her, which expressly mark her form with lines of light.

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