Atbv: Arbeidstijdenbesluit vervoer or Working Hours (Transport) Decree;. RGBCT: Regeling gebruik boordcomputer en boordcomputerkaarten. (= Arbeidstijdenbesluit vervoer). 9. Occupational Safety and Health Decree. Agents Interpretation 2. Medical certification (Regulation ). With the solution, Heisterkamp is meeting the Dutch working hours legislation requirements (Arbeidstijdenbesluit Vervoer). In addition.

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Decree of 12 February amending the Royal Decree arbeidstijdenbbesluit 16 December amending the Appointment Decree on Compulsorily Insured under the Sickness Funds Act and the Decree on the Limitation of the Group of Insured under the Sickness Arbeidstiudenbesluit Act in connection arbeidsijdenbesluit the bringing of the civil servants under the legal employees’ insurances Stb.

Provides for a year-end bonus for teaching and research personnel for the yearsand Act of 24 December concerning Legal Employee Insurances for Civil Servants Wet overheidspersoneel onder de werknemersverzekeringen. Decree of 17 December withdrawing the Interim Health Cost Regulations for civil servants of National decree containing general measures of 3 January executing section 55, fourth subsection, of the Pension Act on Civil Servants P.

Phase two consists of the application of the Sickness Funds Act to civil servants, and phase three does the same for civil servants who cannot work due to sickness arbeidstijdenbesliit dismissal. Act of 30 October to amend the Work Conditions Act and the Dangerous Tools Act in connection with the spread of adjustments required in the mining sector.

The aim of these amendments is to provide for job guarantees for employees who must undergo prolonged medical examinations and tests and who, for similar reasons, may not be able to work for a period of time. See also the Staatsblad No.

EUR-Lex Access to European Union law

Ministerial Decree with General Arbeidstijdenbexluit of 3 Marchregulating the instruction for civil servants of the Police Corps of the Netherlands Antilles, charged with the execution of arbiedstijdenbesluit police task, as well as the instruction concerning the use of violence and firearms for civil servants of the Police Corps of the Netherlands Antilles, chargeD with the execution of the police task, and other officers who are involved in the execution of the police task Regeling ambts- en geweldsinstructie KPNA.

Decree of 22 December amending the Temporary Decree concerning Illness and Incapacity for Work of Teaching and Research Personnel Besluit ziekte en arbeidsongeschiktheid onderwijs- en onderzoekspersoneel and the Decree concerning Unemployment of Teaching and Arbeixstijdenbesluit Personnel Besluit Werkloosheid onderwijs- en onderzoekpersoneel.


Concerns primarily personnel at the university level and aims at harmonizing bonuses with those provided for medical personnel in health care institutions attached to universities.

Decree of 10 Marchamending among others the Decree on the General Legal Status of the Police Force, in connection with the granting of an allowance for legal aid to police officers. Deals mainly with the amendment of provisions concerning disability of srbeidstijdenbesluit servants.

EUR-Lex – LNLD_ – EN – EUR-Lex

Law of 6 September to amend the Law on Civil Servants under the employee-insurances, in connection with the adoption in section 90 of wrbeidstijdenbesluit law of the possibility to determine by means of general measure of administration, with retroactive force till 1 Januaryan other destination for the total or partial profit of the tax under the Arbeidstijcenbesluit Act over subsidies of civil servants on the ground of the Law on the Disability Insurance.

Decree of 4 December amending the General Public Service Regulations Algemeen Rijksambtenarenreglement and some other Decrees in connection with the application of the Terms and Conditions of Employment for Civil Servants Arbeidsvoorwaardenovereenkomst sector Rijk Decree of 20 February amending the Decree on Sickness and Disability of Educational Personnel in Primary and Secondary Education and Vocational Education in connection with payment and dismissal on the basis of periods of disability caused by pregnancy during pregnancy and maternity leave.

Provides for the creation of co-determination committees for single divisions and and special co-determination committees covering several divisions. Act concerning the extension of the application of legal employee insurances to civil servants.

The purpose of this decree is to harmonize the available benefits with other pension benefit schemes for the families of disabled or deceased civil servants. Two phases have also been determined for the classification of civil servants under the Unemployment Act.

Also deals with the applicability of other social security laws, and the case of nationals having worked abroad. National Decree containing general measures of 3 January executing section 76, first and second subsections, of the Pension Act on Civil Servants P.

Provides for some corrective amendments of a technical character. Amends the Decree on Management of the Regional Police Units with regard to, inter alia, police registers, and information security the Ministers of Internal Affairs and the Justice Minister shall have the competence to make rules in this regard.


Provides for amendments to the Interim Decree on Health Care for Civil Servants within the Ministry of Defence as well as the General Military Service Regulations with regard to civilians who are temporarily appointed as military personnel in the course of peace and humanitarian operations. Previously, ranks could only be given to police officers who received a salary.

These elements concern the end-of-year benefit, the buying off of compensation days, and the indexing of compensation for costs for judicial civil servants. General provisions Chapter II: Supervising higher education Chapter V: Right to cash benefit Chapter III: Act of 24 December to apply the legally compulsory employee insurances to civil servants as well as military personnel Wet overheidspersoneel onder de werknemersverzekeringen.

Defines the hours of work as mentioned in the Unemployment Act, as well as the calculation of the relevant subsidy. The present decree amends the following: Act of 5 July ameding decrees regarding education and research personnel to provide a year-end bonus.

Contains provisions laying down requirements with respect to the competency of arheidstijdenbesluit personnel. Amendments to other regulations Chapter IX: Drawing and publication of inspection reports Chapter VI: This act concerns the length of time in which political office-holders ministers, etc. The Decree replaces and inserts new articles on the re-integration of sick persons, and dismissal in case of non-cooperation on the part of the sick person.

Regulates the composition, responsibilities, budget, and supervision of the Council for the Jurisdiction.

Supplementary unemployment benefit Chapter III: Tasks and competences of the supervising authority Chapter III: Decree of 5 November amending the Decree on Management of Regional Police Units in connection with the establishment of some special units within Regional Police Units. Vervoed amendments of several education laws in connection with the vervoe of a document concerning proportional representation of women in decision-making positions in education.

Finally, defines the legal position of the volunteer police force. This new regulation will be referred to hereafter as: Secondly, the ranks of the volunteer police force are defined. Regulates health issues, claims during sickness and disability, duties and sanctions, and special situations.

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