Zyre is right, and you need to go back to the Arbeitsagentur pronto and .. Then, there is the Arbeitsbescheinigung related to unemployment. you became aware of it and when your last day was (Arbeitsbescheinigung). The Arbeitsagentur is incentivizing a pro-active approach to doing everything. Arbeitgeber können eine Arbeitsbescheinigung ausstellen, obwohl die letzte Lohnabrechnung eines Mitarbeiters noch offen ist. Darauf weist die Arbeitsagentur.

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If you have been working long enough in arbeitsagrntur E. In both cases, you should get a letter of adbeitsbescheinigung, and you need to bring this to the Arbeitsagentur ASAP, ideally on the day you get the news. Should you not have it, go to the Arbeitsagentur. It would be really helpful if I get some more details on my quesries.

Then you provide the Swiss labour office with this arbritsbescheinigung and they should consider it for your unemployment benefits. Your posts are amazing and very helpful. Thanks for being concerned though: If your German is so grotty that you don’t understand them, why aren’t you either taking along a German speaker or at least getting them to write it down so you can ask elsewhere like here?

Your help is really appreciated. How long this Aufenhaltstitel valid?

I thought i would lay it out clearly for you how it happened. You should ask at German labour office for the document U1 previously E where your insurance time in Germany is stated clearly. You should receive confirmation within two weeks. E from Germany miniMia: It is recommended to use the online platform to register yourself as soon-to-be out of a job.

Kind Regards Your Europe Advice. I am not an EU citizen arbeitsbdscheinigung. I was wondering if anyone can provide some advice on my situation: BTW, I think by the statement: Registration as unemployed The registration as unemployed serves as an assurance of your financial entitlements.


My spouse is already in a permanent job, we have kids. Thank you for your question. Depends on your contract and the German law.

In this way the EU coordination rules have started to impact on the obligation of EU countries to pay pensions to persons who reside in the territory of a third wrbeitsagentur. It is compulsory to attend in order to communicate what your plan is.

Yay Socialism! or How To Claim Unemployment Benefits in Berlin

Really you are a awsome person, your informations are realy supportive and helpfull to many people. The person who handles your case will explain everything to you including next steps. I was wondering if anyone knew of wher eI can get an E form Germany, I worked there in and the RAV say I need this form to work out my contributions for the Unemployment insurance. You must have completed 12 months of employment within the last 2 years.

When I re-read the info on unemployment payments from the RAV we obtained when my husband was getting payments, it says page 10 of the following document: It is unclear to me if I have to be a German resident or what the process is.

I would the the Bern office that Germany is refusing to give you the document you need and that they should request it directly.

Good luck with them. I strongly advise you to have a look to get familiar with all the terms. So what this means is that any person who is in a situation like me irrespective of the nationality, cannot transfer social benefits from Germany to Switzerland. BerlinStartupJobs is the leading platform for inspiring jobs in Europe’s new startup capital. Family situation situation makes no diffrerence.

E from Germany mgosia: Do you have no experience of being fobbed off brusquely by rude Beamte in a foreign language? So that makes it twice they’ve told you where to go and what to do and twice that you haven’t been bothered about listening to them properly.


Maybe if you let them know you need it bad as you became unemployed here, they could be quicker.

E from Germany – English Forum Switzerland

I have been looking for jobs again in the past months but no success yet. Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email.

In the email you received it says that the Bern office can request this for you. The Antrag auf Arbeitslosengeld is filled out by the soon-to-be unemployed person. But when i asked how i claim my money, they said something about me making a separate appointment in a different place.

Once you have confirmed your account, you will be able to complete the rest of the process. In any case, if your employment ends in less than 3 months, you need to register at the latest 3 days after you have had knowledge of that decision.

It is possible to club different periods of work in EU. My work contract is ending in 2 months but I have not registered to Job Centre yet, now I found out I suppose to do that at the latest 3 months in advance. But it’s complicated and I’d get someone who’s fluent in German to talk to the Arbeitsagentur in Munich to avoid misunderstandings and understand properly what the problem is.

The important thing about qualifying for unemployment benefit is that you first have to register as Arbeitssuchend looking for work and then again register as Arbeitslos unemployed. Thanks a lot for your feedback.

Language proficiency is not one of them. I still have a question and hope you will be able to help me…my 2 year contract finish on the 31st of December so I will be without a job up from January

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