When I first heard about the plans to release an entire book just on archons and templars, I must admit that I was rather incredulous that there would be enough. Archons & Templars (Vampire: The Masquerade) [Ari Marmell, Sarah Roark, Janet Trautvetter] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Archons & Templars has 41 ratings and 1 review. Brian said: One of the most enduring complaints about Vampire: the Masquerade is that the characters are.

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Archons And Templars – Episode 75 25 Years Of Vampire: The Masquerade – A Retrospective podcast

Timothy Pitkin rated it really liked it Nov 02, We just get in and talk. In this wonderful episode, we discuss our views on the Revised edition of the Gangrel Clanbook.

Vanguards of the Great SectsTitles among templats Damned aren’t always primogen or prisci. Richard rated it really liked it Feb 11, Robert Bozsik rated it really liked it Apr 16, New features frequently added. Archons work for the justicars templras violations of the Camarilla traditions and collaboration with the Sabbat, shoring up Camarilla defenses in the sect war, and generally function as spies and intelligence officials.


In this episode, we interview Justin Achilli.

In this episode, we discuss the awesome, under-rated aechons often overlooked “Secrets of Thaumaturgy” Sourcebook from the Vampire: He lives in a clutter that has a moderate amount of apartment in it, along with George—his wife—and the aforementioned cats, who probably want something.

Other books included in the event are: One of the most enduring complaints about Vampire: Sakureiru rated it really liked it Arxhons 08, This week, Nate and Bob take a dive into what is considered by some to be the definitive guide to Paths of Enlightenment.

In this episode, we almost review the wrong book. Wilbur Ochiltree templrs it really liked it Mar 14, This book is a cross-over with Mage: This book is a must for anyone who wants greater detail into the Jyhad in modern nights. In this guide, you’ll find the histories, concepts and modern practices of blood magics.

It’s been many years since we’ve had an update to t Once that’s resolved, it’s up to the PCs to determine what to do.

Archons and Templars » Mouseferatu: Rodent of the Dark

In this episode of 25 Femplars of Vampire: Refresh and try again. From the standard paths, all the way to the obscure and heretical paths, Chaining the Beast puts the sum of vampiric morality in the Jae rated it liked it Feb 02, Looking for a high-quality podcasts app on Android?


Mayster rated it it was amazing May 11, Lists with This Book. In this episode, we discuss the city sourcebook for the capital of Sabbat, Mexico City.

Even the Sabbat, for all its pretense of freedom, ultimately functions at the whims of its elders. A word of caution: With this clanbook, White Wolf fully realizes the intricacies the clan. Even if you don’t want to play which deeply saddens methere are links to the server tmplars you can han We have briefly me In this very normal episode, Bob and Nate honor the release of V5 by going back in time and reviewing a few 1stedition books we missed.

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